I have been on tiktok way too much, and a very current discussion that I've come to encounter is people from outside of Latin America trying to define what being latix means ("latinx" is a gender neutral term, not only including both men and women, but also non-binary poeple from Latin America). The one thing that pops up the most for me, an Argentinian user, is people from my country calling out non-argentinians and non-latinxs trying to tell us that we are not latinxs because we are mostly white.

And it is true. We are white, and here's a little bit of Argentinian history for you all: During Sarmiento's presidency happened many things, for example, he was the first president to normalize schools and promote education, but I personaly, as many others, like to remember him as the racist monster he was. Domingo Fausto Sarmiento was responsible for "la campaña del desierto", or the dessert campaign, in which he persecuted, killed and nearly wiped out entire indigenous communities and forced them to retreat to the south. On the other hand, out of 2 million argentinian citizens that can trace their roots back to Africa, only 149.493 identify themselves as afrodescendants (The latest study on this targeting the entire Argentinian territory and not just one province was on 2010, not ideal, but the best i could get). Argentina is a country with mostly white-passing citizens, especially in Buenos Aires and Cordoba (where I'm from), and other provinces that hold the a great amount of

people. Also, Argentina is a deeply racist country that overly loves to deny this racism and to erase the history of minorities and leave them out of the idea of what an argentinian citizen must be and look like. I will not deny this, and I will take resposabilty for my priviledge as a person who has mostly european blood in her veins.
However, Argentina is par of Latin America, and here's why.

Latin America is not about race, it is not about ethnicity. For example, saying that being latinx is about speaking spanish would erase the existance of latin american countries that do not speak spanish, or any non latin-derivative language. Saying being latinx is about culture is not right either, because there are so many cultures inside of Latin America that they are impossible to count.
But we know what we are not. Latin America is different than the non-Latin America because we are still viewed as colonies for the western first world countries. Countries of this part of the american continent still have their economy and market governed by the U.S.A and Europe, we are in constant economic crisis that first world countries would never go through so often, and even though this first world countries are always or reference point when Latin-American nations talk about progress, we are always left behind because the colonization has made it impossible for this models to actually work in this countries, even though the governments refuse to see this.

People from Latin America who try to define what this continent is delimited by, most of the time hit dead ends, because it is almost impossible to do so while including every single latinx identity.

Latin America was a term given to this countries by the French, with the purpose of making the governments of this countries "independent" of their original colonizer european countries, so that France had a better control and a more extensive way of entering the market in this territory. Even though they said it was to gain independance, it was another way of colonialism.

This is why I am completly against non-latinxs saying who is and who is not latinx. What you are trying to do is repeat history once again by trying to enforce your stereotypical views in my identity as a latina. You, non-latinx, do not get to tell me who I am, and you certainly do not get to deny my identity. What is and what is not Latin America, is up for us Latinxs to decide. It is not your place, and we will not let it be your job to define us. We've had enough of that.

So, to conclude, I am asking everyone reading this (as kindly as i can) to get educated before speaking, and to start actually hearing our voices rather than desperatly screaming your own opinions like it's nothing, like they don't hurt anybody.

Disclaimer: I am a latina with mostly european blood in my body. In Latin America, I do not want this to be percieved as me trying to deny my privilege as a white latina, I am very aware of my privilege and I try always speak acknowledging this privileges (as I should) when talking about this issues. But I needed to speak about this because it is imortant that non-latinxs know it, and that you get educated on Latin American issues with respect and understanding them correctly. I do not have any other plataforms to talk about this, so i figured this one would do. I hope you enjoyed this, and I hope you decide to get invested in our culture and our issues, because our cultures are awsome and precious, and our stories and history are important too.