hi! happy weekends everyone (ofc if there is everyone..)

the inspo/credit:

1. do i usually take advantage of the day or night?

dark, aesthetic, and night image aesthetic image
the night, because i think i'm more willingly to do things which i'm not want to do in the day.

2. do i usually plan my outings or is it spontaneous?

Temporarily removed aesthetic, sea, and ocean image
normally, it mostly happens spontaneous but in this days, pandemic days, i usually plan my outings.

3. do i usually call or send a message?

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i usually send a message, i only call a few people:'

4. do i usually use color or prefer something neutral?

outfit, aesthetic, and nike image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image
neutral cause i feel more comfortable in neutral clothes.

5. do i usually prefer long plane trips or quiet plans in my city?

long distance and road image light, city, and airplane image
long plane trips:'

6. do i usually do everything with or without music?

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music. i do everything with music. :')

7. do i usually ask for advice or do i give it?

advice, black and white, and life image advice, quotes, and relationships image
i'm the one who gave the advice always, not even usually, ALWAYS. my friends just.. u know

8. do i usually forget or remember?

remember, memories, and quotes image find, full, and little things image
i remember nearly everything. sometimes it can be so annoying but sometimes it can be useful:')

9. do i usually prefer learning a language than learning a sport?

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i prefer learning a language but i was a official sporter when i was in the middle school so, it's not mean that i don't like to learn sport:'d

10. do i usually want to live in an imposing skyscraper or in a house in the mountains?

city, bedroom, and view image aesthetic, architecture, and city image
i usually want to live in imposing skyscraper because i love the view of the city and live in a skyscraper like this kinda my dream.


end of the tag!
i dunno if there's someone who reads my articles but im so bored and i got nothing to do. so i just think that it would be good to kill time whit write little things here. hope u like it!

ty and take care of yourself!!!