One of the habits that I want to add to my life is to wake up early, because I think is very important to start the day early so you can do more things and be more productive. I will let you guys the tips that I been following this couple days to try, at least, waking up early.
I hope this help you or motivated to do it as well.

1. Plan your day the night before
This helps me so much, because in this way when you wake you already know the things you need to make for this day.

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2.Put your phone far from you
If you put your phone next to you, what can happen is that you will put off the alarm and you will fall sleep again, which is not the point. So I recommend you to put your phone in places far from your bed, like the desk or your bookshelf, in this way you have to get up to take the phone and this will help you to wake up.

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3. Put music
This is my favorite one, because put music on my phone put myself on a good mood, so I recommend you to create a playlist of your favorite song that you think that will make you get out of bed and make you start dancing.

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4.Make some coffee
I am obsessed with coffee and this motivated me to wake up and prepared it. If you do not want coffee you can prepare some tea or matcha. The point is that you have to think in your favorite breakfast, like oatmeal or toasted bread, and this maybe will motivated you to do not go to sleep again and go to the kitchen.

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5. Talk with someone
If you have some friends that are awake you can talk with them. Maybe you can watch videos on Youtube or read some quotes, as well. This can motivated you to have a productive day or have a good mood, which is really important.

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PS: During this weeks I will be posting more articles of tips to be more productive and positive.
Thanks for reading.

Have a good day