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What three words describe me best? Sensitive, persistent, and driven.

What are the important things in my life? My family, friends, education, and my two dogs.

What values are important to me? If you've been on my other articles, I value kindness, empathy, and treating people equally and with respect. I don't believe that anyone is above anyone else.

What does my ideal life look like? My ideal life will be me finished with college and finally working as a school psychologist in a middle school or high school. I hope to buy my first home within the next few years, get married, and start a family.

What is my biggest regret? I don't have any regrets whole-heartedly since I believe that everything happens for a reason. Each shitty circumstance I've had has lead me to the place I am today. Just think about it. If certain things didn't go wrong, you never would have been on the path you're on now.

What are my favorite childhood memories? Before my dad got hurt and our life significantly changed, my family used to go to Hershey Park and Cedar Point every year. Now we can't do things like that. We also used to live on an acre of land and I spent the majority of my childhood outside either biking or playing wiffle ball with my dad.

What makes those memories so special? I think they're special because they remind me of the unconditional love my family has for us. They did everything they could to make our childhood great. I wish I would have cherished those moments more. 😔

What is holding me back in life right now? A few things are, but mostly the virus. I've also been experiencing a horrible bout of migraines that are keeping me bedridden some days. I've had one this week that's going on three days now and I spent all of last night crying over how painful it is. I wish my migraines weren't as severe and frequent. If you also have chronic migraines, I'm sorry, friends. They're horrible.

What is my biggest strength? I can think of two off the top of my head. One is that I don't let adversities or bad things stop me from reaching my goals. If others were in my shoes, I don't think they'd make it as far as I have without quitting. Another is that I'm extremely considerate. I never do things to hurt others' feelings and I always try to remain kind, even if others are not.

What allowed me to reach this far? I've gotten really far if you ask me! For someone who is the first in my family to go to college, it is a huge deal that I already have a Master's degree and I'm finishing off my Ed.S. degree this year. What got me here is the grace of God. I don't think I could have gotten this far without Him giving me strength and courage.

What makes life good? It's the little things that makes life good. Something as simple as sharing a laugh with someone or watching a sunset can make me happy. I think it's also when you live in alignment with who you want to be through pursuing what is most important to you.

Am I happy with my life? Explain? I kind of touch on this in other articles. I'm VERY proud of myself and the things I've accomplished over the years since there's many of them. Like other people, there still are things I want to change or improve on. My life is far from perfect.

What do I admire about myself? I admire my heart. It's both a blessing and a curse to have a big heart in our current generation, but I don't let this change who I am or how passionate I feel towards some things.

When am I most happy? I'm most happy when I'm spending time with my family. Even something like running errands and spending quality time with my mom is something that brings a smile to my face.

Do I like the person I am today? Yes!!! I'm proud of myself overall despite still having things to work on and heal from. I think we all need to be proud of ourselves from time to time.


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