i'm not a poet, but i'm also not very good with speaking about my feelings so writing this was one of the ways i handled the death of my grandfather.

There is always going to be
somewhere else you have to be
A special occasion where i glance at you,
Only to find that you are not there

An empty space

I don't know how to reconcile with the knowledge that you are not infinite, worst of all, i don't know how to say goodbye

The first time you saw me
you held me in a pillow
cause yout thought you could hurt me
you should know you never did

There is never going to be a moment in which i'll be able to peacefully say goodbye
Your loss has torn me inside and out and i don't know if i'll ever heal

And it feels like you are blocked from my memory
like the memories are never enough
like there should be more
cause there should've been more

I love you.