Hi!! The past few months I’ve spent my time renovating my room to appeal my current taste. so here's what i did :)


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I used to think posters were a little childish but now i absolutely love them! I added a few posters throughout my room to create a cozier feel. The bare walls made the room feel so empty.


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Whether they are fake or alive, plants can bring life to a space. I added a bouquet of flowers a few weeks ago and it was a very pretty addition to my room!


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I decided to invest in a new desk from IKEA. It was the best decision ever. I’m not saying go spend hundreds on a new furniture set but you can update one piece of furniture at a time.


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Throughout quarantine, I've been actively creating art pieces from paintings to random doodles. I hung up the art throughout my room :) Some of the pieces are music themed or just plain scenery.


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Getting a new bedding set might have been one of my best ideas yet!! Totally recommend doing this!


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I found some random decor pieces and placed them on my furniture. I mainly used my artwork from my ceramics class!

That's all I did in my room so far! I didn't do a drastic change to my room due to me constantly switching up my decorations throughout the year. But this is what i did in the last two months!! Hope you enjoyed it!

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-kristin :)