Hello, my name is Síochána and in this blog, I will be talking about my latest playlist, serious/mature which 35 songs which have been helped me to change my life as a hopeful and inspiring person. So here are the songs that made into the final cut of this special playlist of mine.

1.New Eyes by Adam Lambert

Адам Ламберт image adam lambert image
The reason why I picked this song because to me, it has a strong yet soft introduction with his voice went from pale and shy into stronger and huskier which I have been admired him since he did an amazing ''Black Or White''. My favorite piece of lyrics from the song is: ''Everything that you try/ Everything gets you high, baby/ I've been so blind without your new eyes''. I liked the lyrics because it talks about his depression about a break-up which sounds so original from his previous singles. I would recommend this song to anyone who loved soft rock and glam rock.

2. Temptation by Destiny's Child

destiny's child, beyoncé, and kelly rowland image destiny's child, beyoncé, and 90s image
I already put this song on my back to school playlist last year on my favorite music app called Spotify which is my favorite non-single by my favorite R&B girl-group, Destiny's Child. I loved the tempo of the song because it was very nice and slow which I admired the whole song since July last year. I liked how the whole group blended their beautiful and unique vocals and turned into a different kind of harmonies that sounds so good and original at the same time. This song is perfect for any throwback playlists of your choice!

3.Inevitable by Shakira

Image by Lola shakira and 90s image
I appreciated her amazing contributions to the Latin music market since she released her fifth studio album, Laundry Service back in 2001 (remember those days?) but when I heard this song for the first time, I felt that I understand her emotionally to the point that I may or may not understand fully in Spanish but I loved the song because the lyrics are so poetic and heartful in a way that not every singer I've known since I was a little girl would put their words that the way Shakira did. Also, I loved how her powerful and soft vocals can go well with the genre, rock en Espanol which I have been admired her since I was a little girl, singing the words out to her well-known songs like ''Whenever, Wherever'' and watching her music videos like it was a good film for me to watch.

4.Millennium by Robbie Williams

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I loved every single by Robbie Williams from his previous albums but this song has something special that made it my favorite by him. The whole song sounds like the theme of James Bond which I was very shocked when I heard that. The full reasons why I loved the song so much because it showcased his playful side in the song and also, it's different than his previous singles from his previous album, Life Thru A Lens. I remembered a certain memory when I went to Dublin with my dad summer last year, listening to this song on the way back home on the train and watching the beautiful sunset going down.

5.Nintendo Game by Alessia Cara

alessiacara image alessia cara image
I remembered the day when I first heard the song was when after my family and I finished watching The X Factor and the introduction was very interesting because it sounds so mature which I have been admired that about her. My favorite lyrics from the song is: "And we could grow up/ But it's no fun that way/ And so we treat love like it's a Nintendo Game/ But nobody wins " because she trying to say that her lover and herself are playing against each other out of love which is very original of her doing that. The song was the highlight of her second studio album, The Pains Of Growing Up because it showcased her mature and beautiful vocals go well with the R&B sound.

6.Ready by Alessia Cara

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This song has been my favorite summer song this year because it has some reggae sounds and mostly pop sounds mashed up into one unique sound. I loved the song because it sounds so different musically and also, it showcased her brilliant vocal ranges which is mindblown to this day. The lyrics that I loved are: "The look on your face/ All the things you say/Send me to the outer space/ My friend/ You test my patience". In that line, she is trying to say that she doesn't have the time for anyone to test her patience and she wants to have some space away from the person. And good news guys, this song will be featured on her upcoming her second EP, This Summer which will be released on Friday 6th September 2019!

7.Every Time by Tatyana Ali

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I know her for her amazing and memorable role as Ashley Banks from the hit TV show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air where she went from a wonderful, kind kid into a mature, beautiful and serious young lady. I remembered I heard the song, Day Dreaming on Youtube and thought "wow, she sounds amazing and I wonder if the other songs from the album would sound amazing". Until this song played on my phone for the first time, I thought the song was very good due to infectious yet catchy lyrics and the melody of most of the 90's songs many people would hear on popular music channels like MTV, VH1, BET and many more!

8.Insane by Gnash

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I honestly loved the song because the lyrics are so simple and distinctive from other songs. Also, it has a calming and soothing rhythm to the song and I appreciated it from the beginning to the end of the song by this amazing and courageous artist. The lyrics from the song that caught my attention are: "I'll be rid of all of my problems/ I'll be rid of my strife/ And I can't even fix an issue by just sayin' "Goodnight". Some people can fix their problems by talking out to the most important people in life but not every people can't be confident to talk about it which I understand from many people in my life so far.

9.Velvet Elvis by Kacey Musgraves

blue, hour, and golden image aesthetic, album, and artist image
I never thought that Kacey Musgraves has an interested and polished vocal ranges which I was truly right about it. When I first heard the song, I was very amazed by the rhythms of the guitars and how her vocals are so rich and powerful. Also, I didn't know this song has so many references about Elvis Presley's lifestyle and fame which I found so surprising. The piece of the lyrics that I found so shocking is: "Go out with you in powder blue and tease my hair up high". The line has two references and I am about to break it down for you: 1) Powder blue was the color of his famous playsuit and 2) "Tease my hair up high" means the popular 50's hairstyle called the beehive where it was very famous on popular Motown and jazz singers like Amy Winehouse and many more. Amazing!

10.Orange Trees by Marina

flowers, music, and marina diamandis image marina and the diamonds, marina diamandis, and music image
I always loved her as an artist because her vocals are so clear and sweet which I always loved her for that and each of her albums that she released showcased her musical maturity. I have been a huge fan of her since I was eleven years old and when I heard this song, it felt like I was back in Tramore ( my spiritual place for comfort), watching the sea and listening to the waves crashing in. It has a happy and addictive tone of the song which is very compassionate and warm. This song is so perfect for making any summer memories worth it!

11.Mentrioso by Enrique Iglesias

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Even though I loved his albums and songs since I was a little girl but recently, I heard this song and it was breathtaking at first with his wonderful and universal vocal ranges which is very mind-blown. Even I liked the album's version but fell in love with the mariachi version because it brought me into tears and the instruments make me wanna dance with the band. Despite the whole song is in Spanish; the whole song is very nice and romantic for anyone.

12.Waiting (Reprise) by George Michael

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Back in the year 2017, I remembered the day when I was watching the Freedom documentary about his life, career, and death which I found very interesting, poetic, and compassionate. Until I heard this song, I found myself at a place where people had no views on each other including race, gender, religion, age, and language and I felt safe at that place. On the track, his vocal was fragile yet powerful at the same time where I was amazed when he hit the highest notes just at the end of the song and was crafted beautifully by him. My favorite piece of lyrics from the song is: " Well there's one year of my life in these songs/ And some of them are about you". I found that piece was very poetic and has no harsh feelings about someone else which I admired him since I was a little girl, listening to Last Christmas with my family and friends during the Christmas season and getting ready for my productive and busy day.

13. Imagine by John Lennon

john lennon, imagine, and Yoko Ono image peace, love, and john lennon image
Now, this song has been my favorite of mine when I was a little girl, in class and singing along with the medley. I loved the song because the lyrics were based on a plea for world peace and the piano soothes with his amazing singing abilities. The lyrics that touched a special place in my heart are: "Above us only sky/Imagine all the people living for today". When I heard that line, I was amazed by it that it was still on my mind and we should take a moment out of our day to think about our Planet Earth.

14.Titled by Christine and The Queens

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This song took me on a journey where art-pop and chillwave entered into my life with no words of conversation which is very cool to me personally. I love the spoken part because it is in French which is the language I am currently doing for the year and the lyrics include "Nous et la man on est de sortie/Pire qu'une simple movie/ On compte a demi-demi/ Pile sur un des bas cote/ Comme des origamis/ Le bras tendu parait casse/ Tout n'est qu'epis et eclis/ Ces enfants bizzares/ Craches dehors comme par hasard/ Cachant l'effort dans le griffoir/Et une creepy song en etendard/ Qui fait". The English translation of the lyrics are: Us and the man are out there/ Worse than just a half/ We add up to a half/ Pileup to the edge/ Like origami/ The out-stretched arm looks broken/ Everything is just tilted and splinted/ These weird kids/ Spat out as if by chance/ Hiding their effort in the scratching post/ And a standard creepy song/ Goes like this: ". I loved her as an artist because she loves to push herself out of the envelope which other female singers don't get the chance to do that to reinvent their musical directions.

15.Fly Away by Michael Jackson

michael jackson and beautiful image michael jackson image
My family and I always loved Michael Jackson because his songs are so complex in terms of his vocal ranges, themes, and musical sounds. Each of his albums, I heard lots of maturity in him exploring new genres which I found it very compassionate and brave of him until I heard this song that I was amazed by it. The whole song has a very interesting introduction and it sounds like I was at a beach where I was only looking at the beautiful crystal clear oceans and the tanned sunset going down slowly. Plus, this song was given to his sister's (Reebie Jackson) for her album, Yours Faithfully before it was featured on his 25th-anniversary album, Bad 25 on September 18th, 2012.

16.Chocolate by The 1975

aesthetic, sex, and the 1975 image Image by Anne Sinkler
I have been a fan of their music since I was 12 years old, was about to go on the craziest roller coaster of my life so far which is called the secondary school and their music was the source of wellbeing. I know the song talks about weed but I love the bass guitar because it adds the rock and roll feel into the song which it sounds so interesting than other records I've heard from different alternative rock bands.

17.Told You So by Paramore

paramore, hayley williams, and told you so image beautiful, gif, and paramore image
I loved each of their albums including Brand New Eyes which they showcased their musical maturity as a band which is very amazing to hear and see at the same time. The lyrical content is so catchy in a way that it's seemed very poetic and it has been my favorite song by them. To be honest, it felt like yesterday; where the 80s were huge with artists like Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, George Michael, Tina Turner, and Whitney Houston did a huge impact on pop culture in later years. The song was based on Paramore's changes includes some people quit the band but Hayley wants some hopes for the band to come back. I would highly recommend this song to anyone to get your morning starting positively with a big smile on your face!

18.Ayer by Enrique Iglesias

Temporarily removed enrique iglesias, handsome, and music image
The second Spanish song on my playlist came again by the only and one, Enrique Iglesias but this time, it's for Ayer. When I heard his album, Euphoria, and when this song came on my phone; I was amazed by his excellent vocal ranges and emotions in the whole song which is very compassionate and caring of his lyrics. This showcased a softer and Latin side of him that the public has known him since his debut English single, Bailamos went on the one spot in various countries like Canda, Spain (his native home-town) and the United States of America in the year 1999.

19.Settle Down by The 1975

the 1975, grunge, and music image grunge, the 1975, and alone image
This song has been my favorite song by them since I was 14 years old, listening to their debut album, The 1975 and thinking about reality. The lyrical content talks about a secretive love affair that Matty told the lady to stay at his house for an hour or two to settle down with him romantically. I loved how the bass guitar took over the whole song, giving it a new rock and roll sound for the group and it was the highlight from their album.

20. Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert

adam lambert image adam lambert, trespassing, and white image
Even though I love the first song I've mentioned here in my blog but this song already sold my soul because he has an airy and strong vocal range which I have been admired him since his start on American Idol. The song talks about him being afraid in the relationship and doesn't know what s/he wants from him which I found so beautiful of his art. It has a traditional rock sound that most consumers can know the rhythms and bass from the guitars, drums, and many more instruments. His high notes are so amazing and pure because most singers I would hear, they sound like they are trying too much or not giving more flavor to the song but the way his high note went up, it sounds so different and original.

21.Capsize by Frenship

aesthetic, duo, and band image song lyrics, frenship, and purple glow image
I remembered my friend, Sabrina told me about this song and when I listened to the song, I was amazed by the production of the song and the lyrical content. The song talks about the painful breakup which I think some of my friends would go through that difficult road of their own. I loved how the vocals go well with the background sounds which I always love Electronic Dance Music since I was a little girl and it's very powerful. My favorite part of the song was the outro because it was very soft and nostalgia which I loved so much. In the mornings, I always put this song on and smile as my day goes by slowly and patiently.

22.Teenager Heartbreak by Yuna

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This song has a certain amount of passion in her voice which I was amazed and the lyrical content of this song was very poetic and strong in many ways. In my mind, it talks about how a guy breaks a teenager's heart while being in a relationship with that person which I know the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental state of having your first heartbreak from the person you always loved from the start but you have to change the old self into a new self to be happy and lovable with yourself. The whole sound was very chilled and slow which I loved her as an artist.

23.Sunflower by Rex Orange County

rex orange county image indie, music, and rex orange county image
Rex Orange County has been my favorite artist at the moment because his voice is amazing and beautiful and his songs are so catchy. Sunflower is my answer because it's a love song to his girlfriend, Thea over two years and the introduction sounds like the 70s with his voice being very clear. My favorite piece of lyrics from the song is: "And to be honest I don't even know why/ I let myself get down in the first place/ Tryna keep my mind at bay." It means that his anxieties or worries are always about his girlfriend but he realized that he's in a better place emotionally. The song makes me happy as a person, finding my purposes to live every day with happiness, good health, and gratitude.

24. Castaway by Yuna and Tyler The Creator

lovely, chapters, and singer image tyler the creator, aesthetic, and celebrity image
This song was based on the journey of Yuna's start of her musical career with her went to a record label and a lady wasn't friendly to her at all. Her vocals were so catchy in a way I can't describe in words anymore and his rap was so poetic and moving. The rhythms are so clean and simple which goes brilliant with her amazing vocal ranges.

25.Somebody To Love by Queen and George Michael

90s, vintage, and boy image george michael image
When I watched the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for the first time, I was amazed by all of the performances but George's cover of my favorite Queen song, Somebody To Love was so pure, passionate, emotional, and powerful with his voice getting stronger and robust at each verse. The way he hit the high note, it was breathtaking and refreshing to me personally and considered his strongest and iconic performance of his career because it showcased his beautiful singing and full commitment to the legacy of Freddie.

26. She Treats Me Well by Ben Howard

ben howard image Image by Алина
I didn't listen to his music until this month and I was surprised by the way he played his acoustic guitar which I've fallen in love with his unique musical style. His vocals are so pale and light which is very different than other artists I've mentioned in this blog before. The reason why I liked the song because the production is simple, clean, and manageable for people to listen to the song. He showcased that ambient and indie-folk can be popular in terms of sales which I think people should show some respect to the genre.

27.Twice by Christina Aguilera

christina aguilera image Image by Christina
Genie In A Bottle, Come On Over, Fighter, Beautiful, and Mama are my favorite songs by Christina Aguilera but her latest album, Liberation is my all-time favorite album because of this song was the highlight from the album. I loved the song because it's slow, refreshing, therapeutic, raw, and soulful; the song talks about her talking on her encounters with love and loss she previously faced in her life and career. Her voice got stronger and stronger as the song goes on and it's the slowest songs Christina ever sings in her career.

28.Gone by Bebe Rexha

black and white, celebs, and fashion image bebe rexha, fashion, and girl image
Bebe Rexha is an amazing singer, songwriter, and producer who broke barriers for many women who are different in terms of sexuality, age, height, and race which she's not afraid to do that in her way. This song talks about losing someone due to mistakes, feel lost and hopeless about it and wish you had this person back which I can relate to the song because, in early February, my beloved father passed away due to stamina flu and when I heard the news, I was very saddened and depressed about it. Her voice got stronger and huskier as the song goes on.

29.Octavo Dia by Shakira

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Most of her songs talk about love and romance but this song was different in terms of genre and theme because it talks about her opinion about God and it's a rock-oriented song. Her voice was very pale, light, strong, and smoky which I've admired her ever since. I loved the song because by the way she spoke to the audience about her opinion which may seem very bad to do that especially talking about anything with religion but she didn't care about the controversy of the song's theme.

30.Church by Aly & AJ

girls, wow, and aly and aj image alyson michalka, aly and aj, and aj michalka image
I used to remember the time where their hit song, Potential Breakup Song was my jam when I was 15 years old, singing with my sister and our cousin and getting ready for our outing to Belfast for the weekend. I remembered lots of memories with that song but as I am getting older, I felt I am being mature, grown, and prepared for the world. The song talks about the complexities of adulthood and faith where I, sometimes asked some questions on my faith, the connection with God, and many more but I am currently on a spiritual journey to renew myself into a positive, cheerful and inspiring young lady. Their musical sound is so different because it went from pop-rock to synth-pop which I was very shocked about the switch.

31.Successful by Ariana Grande

lavender, Lyrics, and purple image Temporarily removed
I loved her as Cat on the hit tv shows called Victorious and Sam and Cat because by the way she incorporated both happy and sad in a way no actress can do at the same time. Her music is so good, addictive, smart, and soulful but this song is so pure and amazing in terms of vocals, production, and many more. It talks about her sharing her joy of making it in the music industry and told others that they can make it as well. I loved the song because the production is soulful, compassionate, beautiful and majesty in a way there are no words to describe it.

32.Mother's Daughter by Miley Cyrus

alternative, indie, and mothers daughter image miley cyrus, mothers daughter, and mother's daughter image
Miley Cyrus has been my favorite actress and singer when I was a little girl, watching Hannah Montana every day and singing to every song like The Climb which it's my favorite song by her. Ever since I came out as a feminist, this song spoke to me because it's like "hey, let's help each other and we should use our freedom to speak our minds about women's right". The music video was very poetic and transparent because she used different people no matter what sexuality, age, race, and many more. She is proving to people that every woman is special in every way and there's no right or wrong answer to this.

33.The 1975 by The 1975

beautiful, idol, and news image the 1975, matty healy, and matty image
All of us had fought at one point in our lives to stop a few issues like global warming, women's rights, and many more which I think the world should listen to us right now. It's very different than the previous releases because it's a protest song and was spoken by Swedish climate change protestor, Greta Thunberg who talks about climate change which I was very inspired by her courageous words. Her words can truly help us fix the global problems to make Planet Earth a place where no one feels saddened or terrified which I think we can do it as people here.

34.Jukai by Jhene Aiko

aiko, Lyrics, and music image Image removed
I always loved Jhene for incorporated healing instruments into her music which I think it's very therapeutic, remedial, and soothing for my mental health. Whenever I closed my eyes, I felt like I was in the forest, looking at the waterfall and fully feeling the presence of the sea, wind, and nature. I recommend you guys to meditate with this song playing and think about your intentions of the day so it can help with your mind, soul, and body. Her voice is so soft and beautiful as the song goes on.

35.Body Of My Own by Charli XCX

beauty, crown, and focus image charli xcx and sucker image
Finally, it's the final song off from my playlist and we should finish it with this song because it showcased some respects for the feminist community. The song talks about her self-expression of her sexuality which every woman should do that which it's very embracing and provoke at the same time. Her voice was very strong and airy at the same time which I have been admired her for that. I think this song should be on the playlist for the feminist community to showcase the powerful challenges of every woman.

I hope you guys enjoyed this special blog of mine.
See you soon
SK x