Today the rest of my family decided that the pandemic is over and decided to go out for the day. Gross. So I was home alone for a few hours for the first time in four months and it was so peaceful.Here's what I got up to :)

/- the sims -/

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I was playing the Sims when they left because I got Discover University, Dine Out and Tiny Living the other day and my sim is currently failing :)

/- workout -/

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I followed along with MadFit's dance party workout and it was so much fun! I'm definitely going to do it again I've never had so much fun working out and just letting go. I then had a shower afterwards.

/- tidying my room + youtube -/

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I had to tidy my room because there were clothes ALL OVER the floor and I just had to deal with it. While tidying, I watched Luke Alexander's video on Jeffree Star...

/- relaxing -/

I've spent the last few hours relaxing, watching Bestdressed and Nil Sani. Our house has been very loud lately and my family members keep coming into my room or wherever I am to bother me when I'm trying to have me time or I'm just busy. As a massive introvert, having my first alone time in almost four months has been such a blessing and I hope as lockdown lifts I get more of it :)

/- later -/

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I'm going to write another article I think and then I'm going to play the sims and roblox some more !

Thank you for reading:)