Hey guys! Lately i have been posting about the actors i like and why. Yesterday i posted about why i like Zhao Yi Qin [ ].

Today its about Song Wei Long. Song Wei Long is a Chinese actor and model. Song was born in the city of Dalian, Liaoning Province, raised in a loving family with two older sisters. At age 9, Song Weilong developed an interest in classic martial arts after watching the action movie The New Legend of Shaolin starring Jet Li. He tried out and learned Kung Fu for a year in junior high school, and later enrolled in Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School of the Henan Province. In 2015 Song got noticed by photographers and management companies when he made a video with his friend when he was 16 which was his first Weibo post. Later he signed with the agency Huanyu Film (YuZheng Studio). His first work in my knowledge is Demon Girl. He did a support role called Ying Long. You can watch this drama here: https://whatdrama.com/drama/demon-girl/

[ I am not going to bore u telling you about his history. You can read it here: https://mydramalist.com/people/12636-song-wei-long ]

Now coming to the main motive of all this, He is stunning . And that is one of the reasons i love him. But that's not it. He is a amazing actor too! Some of the dramas of his which i watched Untouchable lovers, Beautiful reborn flower and a movie of his Love the way you are. I don't know if it was just me who felt this, but his acting just got better on each of these. His expressions were really good. Even tough he is just 21, he has a very mature face. It is really easy to misunderstand his age. Despite his talent I have felt that he is not getting the popularity he deserves. He often gets mixed up with other celebrities. In April 2018, there was a hilarious mix-up between Song Weilong and Wu Lei at the airport. Wu Lei’s bodyguard picked up Song Weilong thinking he was Wu Lei. A fan said Wu Lei’s manager was seen walking off with Song Weilong, leaving Wu Lei completely confused when he came out. [ I read this in this article: https://www.hotpot.tv/news/5-fun-facts-about-find-yourself-actor-song-wei-long ] His mature look definitely got him a lot of offers. He plays roles which are actually elder than his own age! He is an Aries. And probably that makes his personality even better! [ I got to know more about his personality here: https://youtu.be/_bq-FCknRso ]

I am looking forward to see him more on dramas and movies. Are you?

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/songsongswl/

Song Wei Long dramas and movies:

Beautiful Reborn Flower: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLZWDzHN6IT5A4Rt3hfGkDMOxCz-6ZMo7S
Untouchable Lovers: https://whatdrama.com/drama/untouchable-lovers/
Love the way you are: https://youtu.be/7l_dLREkmvI