When I was younger I never understand why people would listen to music without words, but when I started to grow up I finally begin to understand.
Here are some instrumental songs that have a special page in my note app.
Tom day - who want to be

Dark piano - sociopath

The last air bender OST flow like water

Kung fu panda master oogway soundtrack

most emeotional music ever: waves


Sad epic emotional music - farewell life

Ryan taubert - soul battle

Position music - catapult (2WEI - 'Wonder Woman'')

Among angels - powerful female vocal fantasy music mix | Beautiful emotive orchestral music

Juvie_northphilly & juvie_northphillystrings


most emotional music ever - shi-ki

The promised Neverland OST - Isabella's lullaby

''So lonely'' - Sad & emotional piano song instrumental

Pan's Labyrinth lullaby - piano and violon version

Victor's piano solo (looped)

Once Upon A december (piano) - Anastasia

Up - Married life (piano cover)

Beethoven - silence

Yiruma - River flows in you

Giovani Alevi - back to life

Hans Zimmer - Time (inception)

Carrying you (cello, violin, piano) | Laputa

Broken hearts (extended orchestral version) by micheal ortega

Safe return / Avatar the last Airbender (kalimba)

One of the best nasheed in the world

Howl's moving castle (OST - Theme song)

The name of life (instrumental piano) || Spirited away OST
These are all from a note from 2017-2018 so don't Judge me :)
Hope you enjoy them, Have a great day!!