1-Buy a new Adidas Shoe

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I have already one but it gets dirty too quickly so it's time to get new one.I really like Adidas!


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Finished all of my books...Now,I need to get new ones -classics,philosophy,school books,teenage books-

3-Netflix Again

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I was delaying it but now I cant find some series on the internet that I am looking for.

4-New Albums

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I listen to music nearly everyday and I really like albums.Contains pictures and own style of the singer.

5-PC Games

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6-A Planner

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7-Art Supplies

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One of my favourite hobbies

8-New Things to Your Room

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Mirrors,candles,sculpture or even a new wallpaper'

9-New Chess Set

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10-Tennis Racket

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I will start a new tennis course this year and I need them!Also,you should choose a sport and go because it is very benefical for your health and sometimes I feel like I am moving away from everything when I am doing sports.