Lists, the famous to-do-lists, are the most popular and used method to increase personal productivity. From the simple shopping list to the more complex lists of work activities, the to do lists are a quick and practical tool to put down the things we need to do.

When our heads are crowded with thoughts, a list helps us come up with ideas and take stock of how we should move. The to do list is used to put a series of tasks in order or just to remind us of events or to record the steps to follow in a given workflow for a project on which we have to work.

Here, as happens very frequently, at the end of the day your list is crossed by 1/3, you feel guilty for not having been as productive as you would have liked and the day, after most likely, you upload your to do list of everything you couldn't do the day before.

You will have happened to write your daily lists but you will not be able to complete all the activities you have marked on it.
This happens because a list must be written in the right way to be effective, otherwise your commitments will remain unfinished or dragged over time for who knows how long.

How can we write a To do List that works?

Here are my tips. If you follow them, I assure you that you will be able to tick all the crosses on your list and arrive at the end of the day very satisfied with what you have achieved. And if in this case the items are not all checked (which happens!) Do not despair but try to understand how you can better structure your lists so that they are more manageable for you.

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There are tons of lists. Here I limit myself to speak in general about what we use in our daily life-work commitments.

A list can have a dual function:

-helps you define the tasks to be completed by creating a schematic workflow to follow in order not to waste time

-it helps you clear your mind to put down ideas, inspirations, notes that you need to read or review in the future and pick them up later to develop them better

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Before even filling in the to do list what you need to know is what to put in it.
To do this you need to know what your priorities are and be able to divide the various activities within your working day.

A list must be a support you rely on to keep the course in what you have to do, it must not be a source of anxiety and stress. It is you who decide what to write in it, it is not the list that commands you things to do.

Differentiate the lists in order to keep track of the things you want but which have different purposes. A list of books to read is very different from the shopping list, as well as a list of possible destinations for your next holidays is different from the to do list of daily work tasks.

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For each list use a different place to keep track of so as not to create confusion. It can be an app, a dedicated program or a notebook. In this regard, the Bullet Journal's collection method, or collections, can help you to keep everything in one place, but in an orderly way!


A list must only contain the activities that must be performed in a certain period of time. All the rest, the ideas that come to your mind during the work to be clear, must be marked in another notebook or support in order not to lengthen your to do list.

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Sticking to the list of tasks means planning ahead of time what to do and how long to do it, so it would be counterproductive to add other activities to the list. Also consider the possibility (which we always know) of unexpected events!

To organize your list you can follow these three points:

a) what to do: write the note in a short way, with specific terms and using action verbs that help define the tasks such as "write new bag product sheet"

b) when to do it: write the deadline of your business and an estimate of the time it will take to perform it.

c) where to do it: write the place where the action takes place, this helps you optimize any travel in case you have tasks to do for work and for home in the same time frame.

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There are those who mark everything in the to do list: reminders, appointments, things to do, keywords, birthdays, phone calls, etc.

A list must be flexible enough to allow you to change activities and deal with unexpected events, as rigid as to guarantee that you will complete all the tasks you have entered.

Everyone has to find his own method of compiling and following his list, but I can give you some suggestions to better manage the time to organize the lists and make them more effective.

Identify the 3 activities that are the most important for you that you absolutely must carry out on that particular day and that cannot be postponed

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Enter no more than 10 tasks to perform in the list

When planning activities, predict which times are best suited to perform particular tasks where your energy level is higher and therefore you are more productive.

Unpack larger projects into smaller, feasible micro-projects. You may seem to lengthen the time of realization of that work, instead, you are making all the steps to achieve the goal more viable and sustainable

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Plan time to compile your list: take time each day to prepare your list. It can be in the morning as soon as you wake up or even the night before to schedule the next day

Take a moment of the day to check the list and check that all the tasks have been completed, which are no longer necessary, what you have not been able to complete and you must rewrite for the next day.

Hi everyone! Today I want to help you to do a perfect list!!
This is what I do, but everyone have to find thir own method.

In the next days I will write something about how to do a Bullet Journal.

I hope you find this article interesting!

If you like it, HEART IT!

With love, Marika.