you may see everywhere in media but this is very serious problem and palestine is on serious highly dangerous

Jerusalem, palestine, and ‏فلسطين‎ image travel, aesthetics, and architecture image
look at this beautiful country

google and apple maps has remove palestine to israel 💔

activism, apartheid, and genocide image Gaza, palestine, and occupation image
spread it, let the whole world knows.
we need your voice now.. this is not a justice if everything goes wrong and complicated

palestine condition based on unicef

donation link: (indonesia)

please save them ❤💔
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palestine will always be forever no matter what!

don't forget what happen to yemen is having big crisis too

yemen donation link:

message: nothing is too late now till we help them our friends is in trouble now we pray everyday for their safe and stay healthy and with your voice it will absolutely sure will help ♡♡

thank u so much for checking if u do ♡