a kdrama review - 01!!

hi everyone this is literally my second article and, this drama is WAY TOO GOOD NOT TO SHARE. if you're looking for something thrilling and full of unexpected twists, this is definitely for you!!!
**everything here is solely my opinion, please don't hold anything against me!! :))

Korean Drama, kdrama, and nam ji-hyun image nam ji-hyun, lee joon-hyuk, and detective image

10 people who dream of having a perfect life are granted the chance to travel back in time to exactly one year ago. they are able to reset their lives and remake their decisions, but they start mysteriously dying one by one..

mystery, minimal romance

main casts:
lee joon hyuk
nam ji hyun
kim ji soo
yang dong geun

series, nam ji-hyun, and lee joon-hyuk image detective, Korean Drama, and romance image

main review:
firstly, the plot is AMAZING (dont judge the simple synopsis i/wiki gives!), and yet this drama is so underrated, i think its due to the casts not being the most popular ones around because ive never heard of them before this drama, but their chemistry and portrayal of emotions are TOP NOTCH

the main reason why i love this drama SOSOSO much is because of how unexpectedly the drama unfolds, the sets and details also did a real good job in creating suspense and slowly revealing the cause of events. you might think the ending does not tie up the loose ends, but if you pay attention and analyse, its actually a great ass ending!!!

i would 10000% watch this drama again and again because of the details they added along the way which i probably missed, you know?? but trust me on this and start watching this drama ;)))

HAHA this is such a short review because i dont wanna reveal too much,, best for you to experience this wholesome drama by yourself!! lmk what you think :)) you can find it on viu or just search "watch 365 repeat the year"

thank you for reading!! thats all for now and also so thankful for 3k !1!1 <33 stay tuned for my next article!!! (hint: im watching psycho but its okay ;D)
---- marilyn (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

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