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(my main ispiration was this article)

six movies

Avengers, thor, and Hulk image Charlize Theron, james mcavoy, and movies image actor, batman, and DC image ben stiller, robin williams, and night at the museum image fight club, brad pitt, and edward norton image kill bill, uma thurman, and movie image
I avengers, II atomic blonde, III joker, IV night at museum, V fight club, VI kill bill

six tv shows

cast, police, and terry crews image breaking bad, smoking, and cigarette image alfred pennyworth, Arkham Asylum, and cat image david tennant, broadchurch, and alec hardy image mr robot and rami malek image the umbrella academy image
I brooklyn 99, II breaking bad, III gotham, IV broadchurch, V mr robot, IV umbrella academy

six animated movies

balto image alien, blue, and hero image spiderman, miles morales, and spiderverse image disney, The Incredibles, and pixar image aesthetic, drawing, and princess mononoke image disney and atlantis: the lost empire image
I balto, II megamind, III spiderman: into the spiderverse, IV the incredibles, V princess mononoke, VI atlantis the lost empire

six cartoons

books, bookworm, and Devil image avatar, waterbender, and the legend of aang image cartoon, classic, and daphne image cartoon and kim possible image ace, DC, and batman beyond image 90s, drugs, and motel image
I the simpsons, II avatar the last airbender, III scooby-do, IV kim possible, V batman beyond, VI bojack horseman

six comic books

catwoman, selina kyle, and dc comics image watchmen and dr manhattan image saga, brian k vaughan, and marko image comics, hawkeye, and wallpapers image batman, frank miller, and bruce wayne image Avengers, icon, and Marvel image
I catwoman (2018), II watchmen, III saga, IV hawkeye: my life as a weapon, V bataman year one, VI loki: agent of asgard

six books

Francis Ford Coppola, movie, and novel image book cover, neverwhere, and Neil Gaiman image agatha christie, book, and books image edgar allan poe image book image book image
I godfather, II neverwhere, III the secret adversary, IV raven, V milenium trilogy, VI lots of non fiction books

six female chracters

actress, beautiful, and tv shows image zuko, blind, and the legend of aang image 2, deadpool, and film image alita and battle angel image claudia, tdp, and callum image brunette, funny, and gloria image
I rosa diaz, II toph beifong, III domino, IV alita, V rayla, VI gloria pritchett

six male characters

art, dc comics, and batman image dean winchester, Jensen Ackles, and supernatural image adorable, comedy, and dog image anime image animation, films, and Marvel image ewan mcgregor, jedi, and obi-wan kenobi image
I batman, II dean winchester, III raymond holt, IV eren yeager, V miles morales, VI obi wan kenobi

six relationships

brooklyn 99, b99, and amy and jake image batman, catwoman, and bruce wayne image bbc, doctor who, and dw image modern family and cam and mitch image carrie fisher, han solo, and harrison ford image 2, deadpool, and film image
I jake&amy, II batman&catwoman, III amy&rory, IV mitch&cam, V leia&han, VI yukio&negasonic teenage warhead

six actresses

90s, lucy liu, and vintage image noomi rapace image b99 image icon, icons, and Kat Dennings image zoe kravitz, coffee, and model image badass, beauty, and Gotham image
I lucy liu, II noomi rapace, III stephanie beatriz, IV kat dennings, V zoë kravitz, VI carmen bicond

six actors

ryan reynolds and deadpool image beauty, tom hiddleston, and actor image Image removed idris elba image actor, handsome, and irish image 2005, oscars, and jamie foxx image
I ryan reynolds, II tom hiddleston, III christian bale, IV idris elba, V micheal fassbender, VI jamie foxx

six artist

boys, music, and barns courtney image dog, singer, and halsey image david bowie and the man who fell to earth image iron, golden age, and woodkid image concert, summer, and rae sremmurd image ️lorde, aesthetic, and grunge image
I barns courtney, II halsey, III david bowie, IV woodkid, V swae lee, VI lorde

six bands

band, bastille, and music image hipster, indie, and queens of the stone age image band, english, and music image kaleo and jj julius son image brendon urie, P!ATD, and panic! at the disco image 80's, boys, and Eddie Van Halen image
I bastille, II queens of the stone age, III the heavy, IV kaleo, V panic at the disco, VI van halen

i think that is all for now, i hope you enjoyed my little moodboards of entertainments which i love. maybe i inspired you, who knows. anyway... stay safe, meditate and i will see you around with another article.
bye (čau ahoj)

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