Lana Del Rey song(s) that describe your zodiac sign the most
This is just me having fun, don't take it too personally!
I'm not that much into astrology stuff, I find it very interesting and amusing tho

1/ Aries

lana del rey image burning desire image
Burning Desire

Aries are often very passionate, โ€œride or dieโ€ people (a concept very common in Lana songs!), loving, brave and determined, but also sometimes conflictual and impulsive.
They always are looking for dynamic, speed and competition ; Burning Desire seems to perfectly describe this aspects of the sign. Also, Off to The Races and Blue Jeans are great songs for Aries.

2/ Taurus

Lyrics, music, and quotes image album, apartment, and complex image
Mariners Appartment Complex
cherries, Lyrics, and music image boyfriend, girlfriend, and Lyrics image

Taurus are in my opinion the calm version of Aries, also determined, open-minded, caring but more down to Earth
Taurus are romantic, reliable, friendly, loyal, responsible, but also possessive, a little stubborn and materialistic.
(Other songs that fit : Tomorrow never Came and Money Power Glory)

3/ Gemini

lana del rey, west coast, and beach image black'n'white, west coast, and lana del rey image
West Coast
aesthetic, alternative, and indie image lana del rey, aesthetic, and alternative image
Music to Watch Boys to

Gemini have the ability to learn quickly and to exchanges ideas, theyโ€™re very open-minded, quick-witted, sociable and funny but also mysterious, complicated, versatile, kind of melancholic too and they always try to fill the void that sometimes inhabits them
Their complexity gives them deepness and character, they're inspiring, never boring!
West Coast and Music to Watch Boys to are two very deep, electric and fiery songs, with a lot of charisma, like Gemini's personnality.

4/ Cancer

lana del rey, video games, and lana image heaven, love, and lana del rey image
Video Games

Cancer are sensible, romantic and a little dramatic too! They're kind but very emotionnal, they bound esily and deeply with other people. They love love! That's why I put the most iconic and romantic Lana song, because Cancers are iconic and romantic!
(Pretty When You Cry, Happiness is a Butterfly and Bel Air would also fit to Cancer personnality)

5/ Leo

lana del rey, national anthem, and ring image lana del rey, Queen, and lana image
National Anthem

Leos are just too expensive
Leo is a fire that never dries up
Leo is that extrovert friend, always joking that is hidding the fact that they think they're not enough.
Well Leos are moody but independant, passionate, not that trusty.
You Leos are cunning, fun and you know what you want and how to have it.
Congratulations, you're National Anthem
(Cola, Cherry and Art Deco also would be perfect to describe Leo)

6/ Virgo

bus, insane, and late night image lana del rey and venice bitch image
Venice Bitch
lana del rey, freak, and honeymoon image water and lana del rey image

Virgo is one of the most complex signs of the zodiac. In my opinion, they're smart, charismatic, but also a little shy and too reasonnable; They sometimes wonโ€™t accept their feelings as valid, true, or even relevant because of that. They might feel a little off sometimes, not fitting in their time, not understanding others. They can really be IN THEIR HEADS, and ONLY in their heads, so they may lack of empathy for others.
I like to see Virgo as a sign with two opposite personnalities (even more than Gemini), both hardworking, perfectionnist, serious, and romantic, ambiguous, attracted by darkness... That's why I put Venice Bitch and Freak, two songs that don't seem to be similar, but actually, it's two sides of the same coin.

I feel like Carmen and 13 beaches would've also fit Virgo's personnality.

7/ Libra

Swan, aesthetic, and water image blue, Lyrics, and sing image
Swan Song
love, space, and vintage image Image by Ghost Life

Libra is THE romantic sign by excellence (with Cancer). Their personnality fit very well with Lana's music, lyrics and style. Difficult it was, to find ONE song to describe Libra's romantic, magnetic personnality. In fact, partnership is very important for them, as their mirror and having the possiblity to be someone's mirror themselves. They would give everything to be happy, in peace and in love! Love is a great song for Libras. They have this vintage heart and this lust for life that are the soul of this song. I red they don't like to fight, they're okay with compromises, I'm not sure about that but that's why I put Swan Song.

8/ Scorpio

Image by โ™ก สšโœŸโƒ›ษž lana del rey, music, and vintage image

Scorpio feels lonely and misunderstood.
Scorpio is too dark and passionate for you.
Scorpio won't trust you until you risked your life for them.
Scorpio is self-destructive and manipulative.
Don't be a Scorpio.
Just kidding.
Be a Scorpio if you want big dick energy and loyal friends.
Ultraviolence is a big Scorpio mood, I can also add Dark Paradise, Born To Die and Gods and Monsters.

9/ Sagittarius

lana del rey, quotes, and ride image Image by Private User
lana del rey, brooklyn baby, and cool image baby, retro, and del rey image
Brooklyn Baby

There's nothing more Sagittarius than the Ride monologue. Looking for adventure, friendship, danger, freedom, that's the Sag spirit. However, they can be childish, they lack diplomacy and they are impatient. But they are so cooool, they get down to beat poetry, they're very philosophical and artsy, they love people.
Ride and Brooklyn Baby are Sag anthems.

10/ Capricorn

artist, beautiful, and singer image lana del rey, lana, and celebrity image
The Greatest
๏ธlana del rey and high by the beach image lana del rey image
High by the Beach

Capricorn are focused on the material world, they're serious and reliable people but they hate to be contradicted and can be patronizing. They are intelligent, critical, even judgmental sometimes. They are independant on the surface but crave for great, stable, fusionnal love, deep inside. Badass and unforgiving, like High by The Beach, clever and political like The Greatest.

11/ Aquarius

lana del rey, sexy, and shades of cool image shades of cool, lana del rey, and ultraviolence image
Shades of Cool

Aquarius live in shades of cool, shades of blue, and we can't fix them. Original, open-minded, independant, smart, Aquarius are deeply thinkers who don't really care about others feelings (on what I experienced with Aquarius people). They're not that empathic. They are not into drama at all, they're are unbelievable, unreachable, they live in their own spirit, their own world, their own soul and sometimes other people have trouble understanding them. They are free spirits. You're the person Lana is speaking about in Shades of Cool. You're such a heartbreaker!
Aquarius can also be I Can Fly or Body Electric.

12/ Pisces

lana del rey, young and beautiful, and lana image always, dark, and grunge image
Young and Beautiful
lana del rey, honeymoon, and lana image Image by โ™ก สšโœŸโƒ›ษž

That's funny, Pisces would be on the other side of Shades of Cool, in Lana shoes. Highly sensitive and emphatic, Pisces are feelers. They are poetic and dreamy, romantic and kind. But they can also feel insecure, unloved, misunderstood. They're Scorpios but sweeter, Cancer but more introvert.
As Young and Beautiful and Honeymoon, you're calm, loving, but inside you've got that fire for love and beauty.
(Would also fit : Terrence Loves You, American...)

That's it, that took me a lot of time, I hope it will be relevant, I might have been a little harsh with your sign, again, it's not supposed to be all truth and sometimes I just like making fun of zodiac signs but I don't mean it to be hurtfull.
Tell me if you liked the songs that I put for your sign, if you find it relevant or what songs I should have put. ;)

Esther A. Armours

Ps: sorry if I made mistakes in my English, it's not my native language.