if you're reading this, welcome to my first article. thought i'd try writing since i have nothing else to do, plus you can get to know me better :]

renjun (nct dream)

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vocalist, 00 liner, chinese, moomin lover, artist

full name: huang renjun
fav era: go

his black hair is the most iconic look periodt. fell in love with the skaterboy grunge look in go era, also i miss his snaggletooth :( and his red strawberry hair during mfal era it was such an adorable look!!! renjun who brightens the world <3

chan (stray kids)

Chan, skz, and stray kids image Chan, felix, and JYP image
leader, vocalist, dancer, rapper, producer, 97 liner, aussie, loves his laptop to death

full name: bang christopher chan
fav era: district 9

he's so precious and amazing like?? he always does vlives called chan's room to share us his playlists and checks in on his fans. he says sm encouraging words we really don't deserve him :( my emotional kpop boy!

e:u (everglow)

aesthetic, eu, and girls image eu, icon, and kpop image
leader, rapper, dancer, 98 liner, korean, tinie but talented

full name: park jiwon
fav era: bon bon chocolat

she's my only gg ult believe it or not! everglow holds a special place for me since i stanned them from bbc era plus she is super cute and hardworking. she's also smol but a really good leader, i admire her lots <3

sunwoo (the boyz)

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rapper, vocalist, lyricist, 00 liner, korean, juice lover, intimidating babie

full name: kim sunwoo
fav era: bloom bloom

he's a jokester and is honest with the members, but really friendly and charismatic on stage. boy can he spit fire tho.. if you haven't watch his high school rapper stage you're missing out! [the sun rises when i start rapping let's go drop the beat] also can you believe he calls his fans 'clouds' because he's the sun :(

yeonjun (txt)

icon, txt, and yeonjun image icon, txt, and yeonjun image
rapper, dancer, vocalist, 99 liner, korean, fake maknae

full name: choi yeonjun
fav era: cat & dog

another one of my ults! i mean look at the photoset im just internally crushed </3 this boy can kinda be flirty but his dancing is no joke. as gyu said he has an all-rounded trainee reputation in bh, and since his introduction vid he caught my attention first.

minjae (mcnd)

bic, kpop, and win image bic, kpop, and win image
vocalist, dancer, '03 liner, korean, cherry bear

full name: song minjae
fav era: ice age

he's my youngest ult and bias i swear he is so precious??! his fans are called goms which i think is so so cute ^_^ tbh i love his red and pink hair, but he suits more with pink so <3 his smile is also beautiful i cry whenever i see it pls

that's all for now

hope u give this post some love. and if we have similar ults, we can always be friends !!

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