hope you enjoy this article! i had a lot of fun making it and i'm keen to share my style :)


my overall style
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typical art hoe, retro kind of vibes. i really like oversized jackets, loose jeans and graphic tees/crops with lots of layers and accessories. i go for the 'tucked waist and loose everywhere else' kind of look because i don't mind showing off my body because i love it 😤 i'm not a skirt person unless there's a special occasion.
style inspiration
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i use a lot of inspiration from male 90s/early 2000s street fashion (minus the god forbidden low rise jeans ugh) as well as k-pop idol airport looks, especially The8 (from Seventeen because mans has s t y l e). i've mentioned this in another article, but i take inspiration from the bratz dolls too! growing up i always wanted to dress up like them; they were really ahead of their time and i love their looks.
colour palette
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you can never go wrong with a neutral, black and jean colour palette. if i do use colours, they're usually green, red or blue with the occasional purple in darker, bold shades.
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colour-blocked patterns/graphics is my go-to if i want a part of my outfit to be purely pattern. i also like plaid and florals, but only for accents.
ideal shoes
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any chunky platforms, especially my nikes (i have the exact pair as shown above)! they literally go with any and every one of my outfits because of the mint and white shades. plus they make me taller.
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i know not everyone digs them but oh my god bucket hats are so much fun. i also love paper boy hats! they are my favourite head pieces, i have around 6-7 of them (i say that because my older sister likes to take them and claim them as her own). they can really pull together a plain outfit and make you look classy af.
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my hairstyles really depends on the outfit i'm wearing. i mostly have it down either in my naturally straight state or waves, in space buns or in a ponytail/bun. i'm currently growing my hair out until i graduate later this year, i really miss my short hair :/
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i dig the dewy, glowy, no make up make up look. i like the natural, 'i just woke up and look hot without trying' but i also want to make it seem like i am actually awake because sometimes my eye bags are out here to say hello. the only thing i really put a whole lot of effort into are my brows.

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