God, You are so beautiful in everything You do. I can recognize You in everything that is around me. I can see Your goodness wherever I look. Lord, there are so many people that haven't met You yet. They don't know You the way You are - perfect in Your endless love. My Lord, they are suffering so much, they are slaves of this world. My Lord, they are not finding purpose in their life, in their work. My dear Lord, they don't see You in others. My Lord, they are not aware that we all need You. They are not aware that we need Your mercy and love. Father, they live like You are not watching them. They, my Lord, think that they own their life. But, Lord, they do not know it is You who owns our lives - as You are the life alone. You, Father, who are the only source of life are waiting for us to return to You. You are waiting for us to wash us in the Most Holy Blood of Your Son Jesus Christ. To create pure heart in us and forgive us all our sins. You want to give us the life in abundance that is inseparable from Your cross. You are everything we need. In You we have all. And when we believe that, we will be at peace. Here, in this life, we can foretaste Heaven. We can be holy now. You want us to be holy. Every second is a chance for us to sanctify ourselves. We can be holy. I pray we all want to be holy right here, right now. Holy as you are. By Your grace. Only by being holy we can enter Your Kingdom. Jesus, we want to be holy.

May all moments of our life be for You alone.