the ultimate quarantine playlist

below are some of the songs featured in this playlist that i recently made.
here's the link of the playlist if you wanna check it out:

la la la that's how it goes - HONNE

Noche, parque de diversiones, and fondo de pantalla image moonlight, moon, and night image

Introspection - UMI

Image removed anne with an e and aesthetic image

Lost in You - khai dreams

couple, hands, and aesthetic image couple, love, and museum image

hungover & i miss u - gnash

love, couple, and kiss image couple, Relationship, and mask image

2 soon - keshi

skateboarding, skater girl, and night image aesthetic, blue, and skateboard image

urs - NIKI

Image by kota love, aesthetic, and night image

Lo Que Siento - Cuco

aesthetic, alternative, and sign image nostalgia, places, and dreamcore image

Naked - James Arthur

love, couple, and black and white image couple, hands, and love image

here's the playlist link: