i've been trying to learn some french online this quarantine season
here's what i've written so far
refer to the translation at the bottom if you don't know french
and those of you who do know french
i hope i didn't screw up the most beautiful language in the world too much

i remember learning french when i was 14 and being so good at it, but obviously without practice, remembering a language fades and i decided to pick it up again, slowly

fun fact: somehow, the first world i remembered learning was poisson (fish) ahah and of course i remembered
je m'appelle rose (my name is rose) & très bien et too (very good and you?)

mon amour,
réalisez-vous combien je grandis grâce à vous?,
tu me rends si heureux et tu dégages la meilleure version de moi-même
une version dont je ne connaissais même pas l'existence avant de vous rencontrer,
merci pour tout ce que tu fais

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my love,
do you realise how much i am growing because of you?,
you make me so happy and you bring out the best version of myself,
a version that i didn't even know existed before i met you,
thank you for everything that you do

key term breakdown:

  • my love- mon amour
  • you make me so happy - tu me rends si heureuse
  • you bring out the best version of me - dégages la meilleure version de moi-même
  • before i met you- avant de te rencontrer
  • thank you for everything you do - je vous remercie pour tout ce que vous faites
  • never forget- ne jamais oublier
  • that i love you- que je vous aime