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Today I wanted to write something more informative and useful, so I bring you some tips if it's your first time on a plane!

Remember to be responsible if you travel and protect yourself to protect others!

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1- Book your flight months in advance

This is a very basic and simple trick, but if you book a flight several months in advance it can be much cheaper. Plus, you can even request to have some of your bags checked in if you're carrying a lot of luggage, so you feel more comfortable on the plane.
In this situation that we find ourselves in, many of us will not be able to travel abroad, but we can use this time to think about new destinations and reserve them to make it cheaper and more affordable.
Plus, if you're going in large groups or with friends / family, you can also see tours of that country, museum tickets, or other places of interest where you can run out of tickets if you don't buy something sooner.
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2- Travel agency or on your own?

This is a very common question when traveling to a foreign country. Everything has its pros and cons, but both forms are equally valid:
If you decide to go to an agency,
  • it will be easier to plan your trip without having to do it yourself, and they will be able to recommend tours, hotels and much more, which will make it more comfortable and simple.
If you decide to plan everything yourself,
  • remember to look at everything well, compare opinions, and see each and every option. Although this option is somewhat longer, you can really make a plan to your liking and visit whatever you want. It can be more exciting and original, too!
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3- Two hours minimum before flying

I know sometimes it is a bit boring, especially if you fly first thing in the morning and you have to get up at dawn, but it really is very important because those hours can save your life (not literally, but you know what I mean)
From my own experience, I have always been to the airport a long time in advance and many times I know that we would like to continue in bed, but if for some reason the check-in of the luggage is delayed, the controls are slow or there are many people in the airport, you have hours in advance, and this can make you to not miss your flight. Also, if you have time, you can have breakfast or something to eat, prepare your passports and tickets and get on the plane first to feel comfortable.
So don't be in a hurry and always go early enough.
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4- New airport!

Especially if you have never traveled to that country, before going it is advisable to look at the airport where you will be landing. In this way, it will be easier to find the way and, above all, know where you can take a taxi or a bus to go to your next destination.
There are videos on youtube of the most important airports in each country, and if you can not find out on the website of the airport in question.
This is very unusual advice, but trust me, it can help you a lot. After a few hours on the plane, it's worth knowing where everything is and starting your trip sooner!
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5- Distractions!

If you are afraid of flying, or it is simply a long flight, it is very important to find a distraction while flying.
Also, you can find different ideas; from listening to your favorite playlist, to watching a series or movie (which you must download to avoid using the Internet, don't forget!) or playing a game.
Here I leave you links to some products and games that will help you distract yourself, in case you want to take a look:




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6- Disconnect and discover

You travel to learn, to live new experiences, to think and feel. Disconnect the mobile, do not think about what you have to do when you return, that the trip serves you to escape from everything and above all have a great time.
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Bonus: don't forget to take gum on the plane to avoid earaches!

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This has been all, I wait for you next week!

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