Skincare is crucial but if you are doing it in wrong way then it might not work for you!
I have listed most common skincare mistakes and myths about skincare.
These Skincare mistakes will help you to identify if your skincare is going in wrong direction.
But you don't have to these Do's and Don'ts for Skincare will help you to avoid thes these mistakes. Also, Check out - Myths about skincare
1. No need of sunscreen on cloudy days- This is a most common myth that everyone believe. Sunscreen is crucial in Sunny day but it's also important on cloudy days.
Sun's harmful UV rays are very strong and they can damage your skin on cloudy day also.
2. Makeup wipes are good- Yes! You read it right, Makeup wipes are very easy to use and very flexible. But, These Makeup wipes can make your skin more irritated because of many fragrance and parabens in it.
Try to avoid Makeup wipes.
3. Hot water will help you cleanse better- It's a Myth that Hot water will help your pores to clean. Out facial skin is very sensitive and it can get irritated by using hot water to wash.
Try using Luke warm water or cold water for Face wash.
There are many more Myths and Mistakes you might be doing. For detailed steps check out-