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  • Name: Coralie
  • Nickname: Cora
  • Daughter of: Esmeralda and Phoebus
  • Age: 17
  • Birthday: October 27
  • Introduction: Descendants 1


brown, straight, and hair image aesthetic, art, and beautiful image gold jewelry, gold accessories, and amaliestar image aesthetic, gold, and jewerly image
medium almost black hair, bright green eyes, tan skin, well formed body


disney and esmeralda image disney, esmeralda, and movie image
Mother: Esmeralda
beautiful, church, and disney image disney, esmeralda, and cartoon image
Father: Captain Phoebus


motivation, quote, and quotes image quotes image quotes, words, and feelings image quotes, words, and books image
passionate, intelligent, cunning, friendly, bold, reserved, sarcastic, funny


  • Day to day
Image by Private User dress and fashion image Couture, fashion, and gold image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image
  • Ben's coronation
angel, Angel Wings, and Dolce & Gabbana image shoes, fashion, and heels image beauty, glam, and beauty product image fashion, necklace, and jewelry image
  • Day at the isle
fashion, black, and dress image fashion, gold, and high boots image boho, gold, and hoop earrings image Image by Gunel
  • Cotillion
Image by Maria fashion, metallic, and night out image accessory, aesthetic, and fashion image brunette, dark hair, and wavy image
  • Jane’s birthday
clothes, outfit, and style image hair, brown hair, and girl image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧ Image removed


house, garden, and mansion image bedroom, aesthetic, and decor image home, house, and interior image

At Auradon

plants, green, and room image bed, hotel, and nature image bohemia, dinner room, and brooks image


art, aesthetic, and dancing image witch image nails, gold, and jewelry image animal, goat, and cottagecore image
dancing, magic, gold jewelry, goats, sword fighting, aerobics

Solo Song

We Get High by Ashe. She sings it while performing at a carnival/fair at Auradon.


  • Heart Sister
Inspiring Image on We Heart It theme and black image
  • Best Friend
evie and sofía carson image descendants, evie, and sofía carson image
  • Partner in Crime
dove cameron, disney, and mal image aesthetic, disney, and gif image
  • Love Interest

Harry Hook. Harry isn't necessarily a "love interest," but she certainly finds something about him and his personality intriguing and attractive.