things we used to do

Hi! hope everyone are ok, it's been a long time since i wrote my last article ;-; but i had classes online, and i really hate it! xD idk, but i'm not been made for this :c bc the next semester will be like that u.u any way, today we're gonna talk about the things we used to do and we miss now to do or maybe i only miss it, but let start :3

On the top of the list is:

1. Spend time with my friends.

  • We're always playing Uno (haha in spanish xD) we used to eat all together <3 in the hours without class, we're laughing all the time and only enjoying the life of an universitary :c
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we don't look like that xD but you can imagine

2. The school.

  • I suppose i'm not the only one that feel like this. As a student i always was complaing about the school, the homeworks, the marks, "mom, I wanna sleep forever", the exams, the teachers, you know. Having class online it's no the fucking same! You really appreciate what you used to do daily.
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3. My work.

  • Unfortunately i had a work where you need crowded places so I lost it </3 it was my first work. I found so many nice people there and is sad. I know that in all the world the people is loosing their jobs.
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4. Relationships.

  • Hahaha the covid took my boyfriend too :c I've listened about the divorces bc the love is ending and they just can't live together. My case is that we were always busy :'v but sometimes we were together, now that you can't go out of home, that went to the shit :)
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5. The subway.

  • Haha ok, to be honest sometimes (i think that like all of us) i really hated the subway xD but now, i miss to be there. The stations and seeing the people going back home like me.
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6. The fun.

  • Some things we did everyday now seems like we did it in other life TT-TT or is it only me? Like, when you go out for an ice cream, to a restaurant or shopping mall. I was going to go to two concerts this year (Lou & Harry) and now maybe I'll be go in 2021. Walking in the streets only enjoying the city, the cinemas, the parks, all we used to do.
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7. The journeys.

  • This semester I should go exchange :( but that's another story.
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I think that is all my list, hope you enjoy reading how was my life before this. I'll like to read yours, plox. I was always complaing that I never was in my home xD something listened me haha :v


Things about me:

  • I'm 20 years old but I don't look like that xD
  • I speak spanish, i'm learning italian (by myself :V) and I've been learning english so sorry if something it's wrong :c
  • I love One Direction 7u7

Thxs for the images <3 sweet dreams and night.
Sincerely, Liss

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