Hello lovely people! My missionary has officially 10.5 months of his mission complete! I feel as if August 2019 had been such a long time ago because the amount of growth we have both shown in such a short time period. Despite all that is going on in the world, my Elder has managed to keep such a positive optimistic attitude. His attitude has reflected on me which has allowed me to be positive to myself and my loved ones that surround me!

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Mentally these past few months have been such a rollercoaster, however I'm glad they have happened. My Elder and I had time to grow as a couple and we have had plenty of time to grow as individuals.

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After multiple discussions with my Elder, we have both agreed to look at the world's problems in a positive way! We knew we needed each other during these tough times and being apart did not make them any easier. Like I said before, COMMUNICATION IS EVERYTHING! and we both believe that all things happen for a reason, good or bad. All things happen for a reason because God has a bigger plan for us! Right now during the times that seem so dark is so crucial for our future because right now we are only being prepared for something bigger in our lives so us individuals could be a stronger and better version of ourselves :)

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That being said, I would like to let you missionary girlfriends know that you are not alone! Everything you are feeling is completely okay to feel, every emotion is okay to express. Within these 10.5 months here is a list of things I learned only us Missionary Girlfriends understand/relate to. (We deserve some credit, am I right?!)

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1. You take pictures with the intention of sending them to your missionary (and then everyone asks why you're taking so many selfies LOL)

2. You check the weather for a city you don't even live in... everyday

3. You check your email 500 times on P-day

4. Here you are all grown up and you feel like you have, yet again, an imaginary boyfriend !

5. Your lockscreen/homescreen and/or desktop picture is a picture of both of you... or just him

6. Every time something exciting happens you think hmm...... I wish he was here

7. Mother's day is right up there with Christmas now, even though you aren't a mother

8. You walk around Walmart looking for cute package ideas to send him (especially when you pass a tie rack and find yourself suddenly walking backwards to look at the ties and possibly, most likely buy one)

9. You know exactly how long he has been gone and know exactly how long until he gets back

10. You look at the time; figure out the time difference then wonder what he's doing at that very moment <33

11. You know what an MG is !!!!

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To all missionary girlfriends out there, I hope you enjoyed that little list that we can ALL relate to! Remember he is worth the wait, he loves you <33 and eternity is a lot more time than 2 years :) Always feel free to shoot me a message. You got this ladies and always goodluck!