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At the beginning of the year i was pretty excited to turn 18 because personally i find this age beautiful and unique, that line between being an adult but still a little kid. And so, this genuine idea came-across after a deep conversation with a friend of mine, making a list of things i wanted to do when turning 18. However, this pandemic came and made my list look less than hopeless, but after getting used to it I decided i really had to do it because then when? I’m not going to turn 18 again.

Let’s start!

Get my driving license

Uff this one was really my biggest goal, i learned to drive at the age of sixteen so i was waiting to get it so i could be able to drive myself wherever i want or just travel with friends. Indeed, we were planning to visit a city near our town but well, things didn’t work out. Nonetheless, I could do the practise exam and easily pass the writing one! While holding the license in my hands, i felt proud of myself for achieving a goal that particularly was a lifelong ambition.

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Find a stable job

During my last year of high school I had an internship at my institute as an english teacher, and then working as one on my own, so how this year I was able to work legally at institutes I applied in the faith to be accepted. Meanwhile, I’m working as a babysitter of a child of five and four years old, both differents. To be honest, I’m happy and comfortable with my part-time job, these kids gave me five months of good memories so far!

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Have my own credit card

I always found myself fascinated by credit cards, since little when looking at my mom paying with them I used to tell her that once I were an adult I would get a credit card. As you can imagine this dream met with reality and now it’s in my purse! Although i do not use it all the time, it’s there.

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Become an organ donor

I remember listening to my parents' conversation about a little boy who was in urge need for a heart and that he was able to have one after a long wait. This was when my brother had a heart surgery at the age of four, when looking at him being that little made me think of the little boy and also the other people who are fighting for their life or are in the edge of dying. So when finally I was eighteen I did everything it was required to become an organ donor, no regrets in my soul even though most told me not to do it.

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Adopt a dog

Here it’s when my beautiful baby appears, now that she is under my responsibility I try to share moments with this messy girl. When adopting her i did it behind my parents back because at that time I was seventeen and not allowed to have animals in the house we were living, also how I wasn’t economically independent it was a struggle to maintain her properly (because if you decides to adopt an animal, it deserves to live as comfortable and loved as one of its responsable). Nonetheless, at that time I could find short-term jobs so I was able to save enough to buy what was need for her! Nowadays, I already have a small salary and it’s enough.

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Drink alcohol

This one it’s not such a big fact but I had to included because it made a huge different when hanging out with friends. Sincerely, I’m not a person really into this or used to it, yet I like drinking when sharing nights with close people i know. On the other hand, it wasn’t like this back five/four months ago because in certain places it was required to check your ID card or you’d be kicked out. Once happen to my cousin and I that neither both of us had brought its identification card, so we may as well had had to search for another restaurant.

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Create financial accounts

To end with my short list I’m writing about one of the latest things i did of which I’m still learning. I’m a curious person and I love taking up new challenges, so just to practise what I’m studying in my course I created financial accounts such as a bank acc, and others where i manage my savings. I strongly believe that in a future I will make better use of these accounts and will be helpful in my life.

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That’s how you meet the end of this article, ofc i do have far more aims I’d like to do and believe me that I’ll have a go to achieve them, but as you better know we’re in a global situation which unable me to keep doing things already in the list.
Yet, creating this list made me enjoy more these little victories and being proud of myself for keep going and reaching my goals. That's why I want to encourage you to set those aims running in your mind, to do it if you want whatever the age is! Life it’s always surprising you, so be brave to face your challenges and go for them, everyone do it at some point.

Create the life you want, it’s yours.

Thank you so so much for reading!
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