- it has been quite some time since i have last published an article, so i am here today with yet another list of songs for your listening enjoyment.
-- as always, this is sorted by genre and separated by aesthetics. enjoy!

"misbehave" - monsta x

food, aesthetic, and sweet image theme, white, and rp image creepy, sign, and hello image coffee, drink, and aesthetic image
{ picture perfect only works in movies, i don't care about a water scene; i only feel alive when i don't feel safe, i wouldn't wanna have it any other way }

"middle of the night" - monsta x

aesthetic, blue, and orange image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed beauty, car, and alternative image
{ and i'll be on the way in the middle of the night; 'cause i can never wait for the morning to rise }

"ugh!" - bts

asia, china, and house image archive, theme, and rp image aesthetic, asian, and black image aesthetic image
{ without doubt, bound to be swept away; today's player is coming in, with the number of offenses }

"blood on my hands" - august 08 (ft. smino)

Image removed alternative, city, and date image ice cream, food, and yummy image Image removed
{ give me all the things we're afraid to talk about; i've been waiting for my heart to break }

"i'm probably gonna rock your world" - logic

Temporarily removed food, aesthetic, and dessert image Image removed Dream, quotes, and aesthetic image
{ girl, i'm comin', i'm comin' for you; and by the end of the night, you gon' be cummin' too }

"mile high" - james blake (ft. travis scott & metro boomin')

details, each x other, and fw18 image city, night, and light image love, hands, and couple image Image removed
{ put to sleep without dreams; under the moonbeam }

"solo" - frank ocean

aesthetic and sparkle image fashion, dress, and aesthetic image noodles and aesthetic image fashion, Couture, and details image
{ it's hell on earth and the city's on fire; inhale, in hell there's heaven }

"bubble tea" - iamddb

fashion, sexy, and love image blue, aesthetic, and theme image Inspiring Image on We Heart It blue, clouds, and sky image
{ she want all my time but i can't give it up; oh, pussy got away, crystals in the sky }

"racks 2 skinny" - migos

cyberpunk esthetic image Temporarily removed theme, dark, and aesthetic image Miami, dark, and grunge image
{ i pulled the f&n out of my drawers; she thought i was pullin' my cock out }

"what do you think?" - agust d

Image by idk theme and cybergoth image Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, angel, and theme image
{ your senses of humor are so-so; that fact that you're fucked is your fault, no-no? }

"daechwita" - agust d

quotes image building, tokyo, and city image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
{ pathetic fucks putting on a talent show; not gonna lie, what a shit show }

"pink bleu dawn" - dumbfoundead

blue, aesthetic, and white image Image by 𝔄 sky, blue, and stars image Image by 
{ padded docking it 5 o'clock in the morning; she pussy popping and trying to get me on maury }

"long time" - xq

heart, city, and light image daddy, sex, and daddy kink image 80s, grunge, and music image pink, 80s, and disco image
{ holding you in my arms again; i don't know what this feeling is }

"dank" - jay park

aesthetic, japan, and city image ice, white, and pale image glass, pale, and aesthetic image flowers, aesthetic, and lollipop image
{ shit about to blow, about to hit the fan; seattle to seoul, yeah, i'm feeling like the man }

"the sound of silence" - disturbed

city, aesthetic, and building image aesthetic, cyber, and eboy image Image by Esther Temporarily removed
{ people talking without speaking; people hearing without listening }

"almost (sweet music)" - hozier

aesthetic, crystal, and soft image waves, ocean, and sea image blue, landscape, and scenery image Copyrighted image
{ i got some color back, she think so, too; i laugh like me again, she laughs like you }

"talk" - hozier

Temporarily removed lavender, manicure, and nails image vintage, cars, and lilac image girl, tumblr, and aesthetic image
{ i'd be the last shred of truth in the lost myth of true love; i'd be the sweet feeling of release mankind now dreams of }

"moderation" - florence + the machine

aesthetic, brand, and expensive image food, waffles, and aesthetic image food, cake, and aesthetic image book, art, and kissing image
{ then bow your head in the house of god; and, little girl, who do you think you are? }

"how do you sleep?" - sam smith

Temporarily removed green, aesthetic, and clear image 90s, aesthetic, and accessories image pool, luxury, and purple image
{ i gotta leave and start the healin'; but when you move like that, i just wanna stay }

"drive safe" - rich brian

quotes and book image Temporarily removed coffee, drink, and aesthetic image clouds, aesthetic, and soft image
{ feeling left out from the pack, you gotta go rouge; five years from now will this even matter, you hope }

- as usual, thank you to the creators i used images from!
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