before starting with these ideas, it is important that you have a think about what the best version of yourself looks like to you

for me, it was someone who was more kind to the girl in the mirror,
someone who was surrounded by those who had my best interest at heart, someone who found inner peace, someone who learnt more about herself and the world around her, and someone who learnt to appreciate what really matters in life

once you really understand yourself
is when you can define a clear vision
for moving forward
and changing for the better

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1. be willing to let go of who you once were

in order to move forward, reflecting on who you were is important
what were your strengths? your weaknesses? your areas for improvement?
what kind of person do you want to become?
essentially, you are raising the bar, for yourself and the people that know you
everyone likes to cling to familiarity because they are afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone
but remind yourself that this process of experimentation and change will be worth it

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2. practice gratitude

so often, we take the people we have in our life for granted
or we take the things we have for granted
by wishing we had more
but if we really take a step back and look around
we are so lucky

at the beginning/ end of the day, tell yourself three things you're grateful for
it could be people in your life that you are lucky to have crossed paths with, something good that happened that day or something you're proud of achieving recently
even better, is finding little souvenirs of happiness, like shells, movie tickets or polaroids of people you love and putting this mason jar in a place where you'll be able to see it often

i promise you that reaching into the jar when you're feeling down will automatically bring a smile to your face and make you feel better

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3. try to learn something everyday

learning could involve:

reading an informative article about your chosen topic, doing a little extra research about your course, picking up a new language/skill, watching an informative video or listening to a ted talk/podcast

just imagine all the improvement that compounds throughout the year

  • your brain (the white matter called myelin) becomes adaptive to learning a new skill quicker
  • you can learn things quicker over time
  • prior knowledge allows you to make better connections between information
  • you are less susceptible to conditions like dementia because people who actively learn new skills have brains that are ready for new impulses to travel along them
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4. surround yourself with people who make you feel good

life is too short to keep around those who make you feel worse about yourself
unfollow them, both online and in real life
stop associating with them altogether and even better, never apologise for doing so

never apologise for putting your emotional wellbeing above them and remember to always be around people that bring out the best in you