you don't have to be a writer to be a good pen pal.
try these inspiring ideas with your far away friends, and keep your relationships a little bit closer.

decorative envelopes

moon, letters, and grunge image sticker image aesthetic, blue, and Letter image paris, blue, and Letter image
use stickers, paint, ribbon, and stamps to personalize


Letter, stationary, and cinamoroll image glitter, gold, and envelope image
buy or make your own paper for your signature


travel, map, and world image photo, vintage, and photography image
various and easy to send


animals, asian, and cawaii image amazing, random, and tumblr quality image
full sheets, single vinyl decals, or cut out individual meaningful stickers


custom, diy, and personalize image flowers, vintage, and gardening image
send seeds seasonally in packets or in pinches


journal and ideas image box, recipes, and tomato image
handwritten on index cards or printed out

dried plants

flowers, envelope, and Letter image flowers, vintage, and aesthetic image
pressed flowers or potpourri - smell great and look pretty


diy, book, and ideas image book, diy, and bookmark image
mail these to your bookworm friends


feather and colors image animals, bird, and inspirational image
natural, lightweight, and loving

beads or glitter

envelope, glitter, and sparkle image heart, beads, and colorful image
flashy sequins and tiny beads are fun to find

enjoy, and k.i.t

friends, girl, and summer image