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So here's my tag about Kdramas! Recently I've been spending a lot of time watching dramas as I really like them; so I decided to do this article. There're a lot of another dramas I like but i couldn't put all of them here. Hope you like it!

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favourite drama

park hyung-sik, strong woman do bong soon, and do bong soon image Korean Drama, kdrama, and strong woman do bong soon image
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

favourite actor

lee jong suk, w, and korean image kdrama, kim woo bin, and kpop image
Lee Jung Suk / Kim Woo Bin

favourite actress

actors, drama, and Korean Drama image wallpaper, korean actress, and park shin hye image
Im Soo Hyang / Park Shin Hye

very first drama

10, dan, and Korean Drama image Boys Over Flowers, gu jun pyo, and jun pyo image
Boys Over Flowers

last seen drama

Image removed aesthetic, asian, and caption image
The Heirs

a drama you're currently watching

doctor, john, and yohan image Korean Drama, kdrama, and ji sung image
Doctor John

least favourite drama

kdrama and tempted image joy, red velvet, and kdrama image
The Great Seducer (i feel like it should had explained the 'rich trio' life instead than Eun Tae Hee. Don't get me wrong, I really like Joy and her acting but if it was focused in the three of them I could have enjoyed this drama more)

a drama you're planning to see

itaewon class and kdrama image deep, disappointed, and expectation image
Itaewon Class

favourite female character

iu image kpop, soloist, and iu image
Jang Man Wol (Hotel del Luna)

favourite male character

Korean Drama, kdrama, and im soo hyang image Korean Drama, kdrama, and im soo hyang image
Do Kyung Seok (My ID is Gangnam Beauty)

a funny character

hye yoon, dan o, and hyeyoon image fun, funny, and hug image
Eun Dan Oh (Extraodinary You) / Oh Dol PPyeo (Strong Woman Do Bong Soon)

a drama you're disappointed of

actor, cheese in the trap, and kim go eun image kore, lee jong suk, and dizi image
Cheese In The Trap / Doctor Stranger

a drama you recommend

?, kim, and Secretary image legend of the blue sea and kdrama image kdrama, school 2017, and kim jung hyun image Image removed kdrama, cute, and nam joo hyuk image Пак Шин Хе, Дорамы, and ли чжон сок image
What's Wrong With Secretary Kim?/ Legends Of The Blue Sea / School 2017/ Revenge Note (1 & 2) / Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo / Pinocchio

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