TIP 1: Reduce heat damage

I know this step can be hard for some of us, but honestly it's so effective. Split ends are a detriment of heat, but heat also damages the complete length of your hair long-term.

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TIP 2: Use coconut oil

This is something I've been doing for years now. If you use coconut oil on the ends of your hair, it will soften them and make them shine. If you also use it on your scalp overnight or during the day, it will help your hair grow faster.

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Coconuts contain vitamins and essential fatty acids which help the process of hair growth

TIP 3: Wash your hair as little as possible

I know this may sound disgusting and obviously I'm not telling you to not wash your hair for two weeks, but this tip is honestly the most beneficial one. During quarantine I would let my hair get greasy and I would only wash it once a week (I know I'm sorry don't judge me), but after 2 months my hair had grown over 2 inches.
PLUS it "trains" your hair to get greasy less fast!

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Sebum is your scalp oil that makes your hair greasy and contains fats that improve hair growth

TIP 4: Use conditioner or a mask

Treat your hair well. Give your hair a little more attention once in a while. For example, incorporate a mask into your pamper-routine. The easier you can brush through your hair, the less damage you make.

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p.s. Garnier has some really good and inexpensive hairmasks (not sponsored)

TIP 5: Brush your hair the right way

You may be thinking, are there different ways to brush your hair?, the answer is yes! In order to get long hair, you want to avoid damage as much as possible. If you start brushing your hair from the scalp, you will drag all the tangles from the top to the bottom and rip your hair. If you brush the tangles at the bottom away first and then work your way up, you will cause less damage.

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Changing your way of brushing may feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but I promise you get used to it!
- Louise