The femme fatale is the female counterpart of the Alpha male. Charismatic, seductive, confident, in short, she is a woman who we notice and who we do not forget.

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Are you looking for the perfect man and want him to notice you? Do you want to know all the techniques to become a real woman? How to multiply your natural charm? You often wonder how to be a real seducer, the queen mother, THE woman. For you, seducing a man who doesn't interest you is very easy, isn't it? By cons when you are facing a man who stands out, you lose your means.

The men are looking for an energetic, positive, independent and above all full of life woman. Have projects, strong ambitions, dreams and goals.

To ask yourself how to be a femme fatale is first to ask yourself how to improve your own life and transmit happiness to be attractive. Be sophisticated while being simple in your attitude.

Focus first on the image you have of yourself, before thinking about what others think when they look at you.
If you want to be loved by men, by a man in particular you must above all have a high regard for yourself, you must love yourself, look at yourself in a mirror and be proud of what you see.

I'm not necessarily talking about physics, be careful. It is an attitude, developing natural qualities, for example: having a discussion, being able to approach a person by engaging in conversation.

Learn to put yourself forward, learn to talk about yourself, subjects that transcend you and that may be of interest to your interlocutor. Do not be afraid to put yourself on the same level or even above the person in front of you. Unpretentious, of course. Be surprising and original.

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Many women tend to have no self-confidence, to feel inferior, not to imagine having control in a relationship, which means that they are systematically losing out in each power relationship.

Look at your current situation. You probably notice a tendency to act like the "go ahead" that you are not interested in. You show yourself acquired too quickly, you are not confident. Consequently: either man benefits from it, or he distances himself from it.

Ignore the stakes and keep a total appreciation of your personal worth. This will allow you to keep control over the game of seduction.

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