Thing is… I have been in lockdown for almost a month now and you can be sure it’s driving me crazy.

I can’t focus in my studies (at all), I have gained weight, I have fought with my parents and I have been feeling really depressed this lasts days, with zero motivation to do the things I love, to study or to even talk to my friends.

I believe I hit rock bottom yesterday and honestly don’t like feeling this way.

Considering that probably we are going to be in quarantine for at least two more months, I took the resolution to get my life together and make the best of this situation.

1. Wake up early and go to bed,not after 12PM

Lately I have been sleeping a lot but not feeling rested at all. This takes more time (that I could be using on something else) and also makes me more tired. I think it is important to put some rules to myself if that means that will be a better and rested version of myself.

2. Make my bed every morning

Another thing that I haven't been doing is my bed. I have never had it as part of my routine and that's okay with me, but in this weeks that I have been constantly at home I think is important to keep my spaces tidy, because that will help to organize my mind. Also, if you make your bed, you have less chances to take a nap after lunch.

3. Take a shower every day and wear nice clothes as if I were still going to campus

This last month I have been almost every day in my PJ's. Well... not anymore. I need to start acting like school is still going on and I have to try to make me look nice, because if I feel good in the outside I will also feel that way inside.

4. Eat more carefully (and that includes eating breakfast)

I'm going to quit fries, snacks between meals and definitely no more SODA! Being lockdown implies than I’m not walking as much as I used to, and even knowing that I could do exercise at home I know myself very well and I would get tired of it soon. I rather control what I eat and start eating more healthy every 3-4 hours. Also, one of my goals (that goes along with "waking up early") is start eating breakfast.

5. Get some "Me" time

Some people cook, some people read, some watch movies, whatever works for you it's fine. I think most of my stress is because I don't know how to balance university and "me time"; I usually spend all day working on a project or watching series without pausing. I really want to try giving at least one hour per day for "me" time but without neglecting my responsibilities.

6. Quit social media

Even when I love spend time on twitter and instagram, these last weeks they have been full with coronavirus stuff (memes or news). It is so much that my brain is saturated with information, so I decided to close my twitter account for a couple of days and eliminate instagram of my phone. I wish I could do the same with whatsapp but at the same time I think is important that I have a way to talk to my friends, so instead I eliminated the chat groups that aren't that important or that constantly make me feel overwhelmed.

7. Change my usual workplace

Another thing that I want to try doing is changing the place I use to work or study. I usually do this in a special room that only has one desktop but lately I associate this place with stress. I know people say is bad to work in your bedroom, but I think once in a while isn't bad. At the same time, the kitchen table or the garden (if you have one, if not, the balcony or the window maybe) sounds like good places too.

I just have to remember myself to breath deep and relax. Everything is going to be alright, we will be back to normal soon.

Thank you for reading, I hope you liked it! See you soon!


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