I'm not sure how many times your name will cross my mind. I'm not sure when I'll stop caring.

But the sound of your name brings me warmth and comfort and I don't want it to go away.

Your hugs are like honey, always so sweet.

Cozy and playful and always so neat.

Your laugh is contagious and always makes me smile

How my heart only aches when we part for a while

I think back to when I knew that I loved you

The day always passes through my mind

I was talking with a friend

It seemed to never end

But your name wouldn't leave my isle

We talked about soulmates and best friends forever

She said a boys name maybe evan or trevor

I can't even remember because all I thought about was you

Your laugh and your smile, your hugs and voice too

I thought about our adventures and every tear we'd shed

I thought of the nights you'd walked me home before bed

The time you picked me up late from a party

and carried me home since there was no point in walking

I think about all the people in between

the ones who broke us how naive we had been

So I think to myself why you've been so silent

the only explanation is you don't swim in my climate

Year after year you gave me standards and hopes

no one was good enough until they boarded your boat

I passed each one by until they reminded me of you

and you knew that you'd shown me exactly how to

So at the end of this chapter, I only have one question

why sit back and give me all of this attention

Why look at me the way every girl wants to be looked at

If you planned on looking away knowing I'd come right back

How dare you sit back and watch me fall in love with you

when you had no intention of seeing it through

How dare you let me love you with all of my heart

and cover my eyes for a shot in the dark

At the end of this chapter, I love you with all of my heart

but make no mistake it won't be like the start

I see your eyes every time you know you've got me

on a hook on your boat just ready to catch me

I'll swim away but always tread lightly

because you picked the girl that only goes down fighting

You've played your last game and don't get me wrong, you broke me

but you've laughed your last laugh, first place is where ill be

playing you along just as you'd played me

because I've figured you out, you don't want to be with me

you wanted the attention to pop through the screen

Have fun playing my game now as I try to fix what you broke

but don't expect me to drown on you shit wooden boat.