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Two days ago I made an article talking about places I went, and now I made a list of those places I really want to go when this sad global situation ends. Hope you like it!

Reykjavik, Iceland

house, iceland, and reykjavik image birds, clouds, and Island image

Hanoi, Vietnam

autumn, hanoi, and people image analog, travel, and snapseed image

Saint Petersburg, Russia

photography, russia, and saint petersburg image saint petersburg image

Toronto, Canada

city, sky, and building image canada, 🇨🇦, and toronto image

Shanghai, China

shanghai, city, and night image aesthetic, city, and pink image

Hamburg, Germany

germany, hamburg, and winter image adventure, beautiful, and Clouded image

Tallin, Estonia

tallinn, city, and estonia image estonia, old town, and street image

Bucarest, Romania

bucarest, building, and city image bucarest, morning, and walk image

Osaka, Japan

adventure, asia, and city image japan, sakura, and castle image

Split, Croatia

adriatic sea, blue, and Croatia image Croatia and split image

La Paz, Bolivia

Bolivia, photography, and la paz image Bolivia, la paz, and america del sur image

Bangkok, Thailand

Image by Cherry cola 🍒 bangkok, city, and landscape image

Sydney, Australia

Image by VIOLET, YOU'RE TURNING VIOLET! aesthetic, australia, and beige image

Boston, USA

80s, 90s, and accessories image boston, travel, and cities image

Edinburgh, Scotland

Image by Irena15 city, edinburgh, and europe image

Cairo, Egypt

aesthetic, art, and boat image egypt, mosque, and travel image

Busan, South Korea

travel, korea tour, and busan city tour image korea, rain, and south korea image


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