Inspired by @thewildflowerr

// fruit or vegetables //

food, FRUiTS, and yummy image food, healthy, and salad image
definitely fruit

// pizza or pasta //

pizza, wine, and food image food, pasta, and delicious image
both but pasta :)

// mufins or cookies //

pink, cupcake, and food image Cookies, food, and chocolate image
always mufins

// ice cream or cake //

food, holiday, and ice cream image food, cake, and strawberry image

// Mcdonalds or KFC //

girl, food, and McDonalds image 3, photography, and pretty image
I truly love both. I really can't choose.

// pancakes or waffles //

food, pancakes, and strawberry image morning and blueberry. image
I love pancakes.

// water or juice //

Image by ⠀⠀ 𓂃𖤐₊˚ drink, summer, and food image
I choose water but I like orange juice, too.

// tea or coffee //

tea, aesthetic, and vintage image coffee, outfit, and sneakers image
sometimes, tea is a good idea but not for me :)) so coffee please

// hot coffee or iced coffee //

winter, marshmallow, and chocolate image coffee, food, and drink image
either in summer or in winter, for me iced coffee

// breakfast or dinner //

breakfast, paris, and love image travel, summer, and dinner image
too easy, breakfast ^^

// vanilla or chocolate //

Image by abi Image by Rabab
I don't like any, but I think chocolate is less bad

// coke or pepsi //

coca cola, vintage, and drink image Pepsi, 90s, and retro image

// chips or popcorn //

food, orange, and green image pink, popcorn, and food image
maybe chips

// hot dog or burger //

delicious and food image food, burger, and delicious image
the burger is my favorite food, so

// fries or onion rings //

food, fries, and yummy image food, onion rings, and onion image
I don't like any of them but I would choose fries

// ketchup or mayonnaise //

food, fries, and yummy image food, fries, and French Fries image
I like to mix them but more ketchup

// cream soup or soup //

vegan, vegetarian, and foodporn image Best, Chicken, and food image
both but soup

// smoothie or oatmeal //

food, healthy, and blue image breakfast, oatmeal, and Cinnamon image

// pringles or lays //

Image by ★Whoreberry★ Image removed
depends on the assortment but pringles

// eating out or at home //

girl, birthday, and black and white image girl, friends, and vintage image
so hard because cooking is one of my pleasures. however I choose eating out

thank you for reading and I hope you liked it.