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I’m coming back this week with an out-of-time article. While writing articles about Witchcraft, I realized how much vocabulary may be challenging for those of you who don’t know much about Witchcraft yet so I decided to make a dictionary on this article to help you. I will regularly complete this article so consider it as being in construction all the time and don’t hesitate to check it often! This being said, let’s get started!

Affirmation: a positive mantra, often repeated daily in order to attract what you wish into your life. An affirmation is a kind of manifestation but used to convince yourself you can do something instead of directly asking the Universe for it.

Angels: most witches who believe in angels are Christian witches. These angels, however, are not like guardian angels (see (Spirit) Guides) but more in charge of all Human Kind, Justice, etc. They can help us when we are in difficulty but they don’t look after people daily and protect many people at a time.

Astrology: divination method based on the positions of celestial bodies in the sky the moment someone was born. This method is a bit different as it also gives understanding of one’s personality.

Aura: energy field surrounded the body.

Banishing: (spell) act to remove spirits, people, emotional obstacles, or even bad habits from your life.

Candle Magic: spells using candles as a main tool.

Cartomancy: divination method using cards.

Chakra: an energy knot. Your seven main chakras are inside of your body but others are under and over you as well.

Charging: act to fill an object with energy. We charge an object after cleansing it.

Charm: a simple spell performed to give some properties to an object, often in order to protect it or the bearer of the object.

Clairs: these are the people possessing one or more psychic abilities. The expression “clairs” is personal to me to englobe all people sharing these gifts which start by the prefix “clair” such as clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (sensing / feeling things), claircognizance (knowing), clairalience (smelling), clairgustance (tasting), clair-empathy (feeling others’ feelings), clairtangency (touching).

Cleansing: remove old or negative energies from an object.

Color Magic: similar to chromotherapy, color magic is a type of magic using the language of colors and their properties to attract what we want or need into our lives.

Consciousness: being in consciousness is to be present and aware of the time flowing, the actions you’re doing or even understand the causes of all the things you witness.

Crystal Mandala: (spell) crystals positioned to follow a mandala patterns in order to attract or get rid of something.

Crystal Water: water infused with a crystal to transfer its properties to the water we will drink or use.

Divination: fact to know things you’re not supposed to know (unknown past and present events or the future) thanks to psychic abilities and / or divination tools and methods.

Devine Feminine: a soul mainly ruled by the feminine energy. The pure Inner Goddess.

Devine Masculine: a soul mainly ruled by the masculine energy. The pure Inner God.

Earth Angel: an angel whose been sent on Earth as an incarnation to fulfill one or several missions (it’s often missions about healing, teaching, guiding or creating).

Emoticon spells: this kind of spells is mainly used by Technologic Witches. It is made by using emoticons.

Freezing: (spell) act to magically stop someone or something from hurting or blocking you. This type of spell is very easy and consists in writing down the name or the thing or person you want to freeze on a piece of paper and literally freezing it, placing it in a freezer.

Glamour Magic: type of magic used to make others perceive us a certain way.

Gratitude: act to make a list – often in the morning – or things you’re grateful for. Gratitude is great for grounding yourself.

Green Witch: type of witch who uses herbs, teas and flowers as the base of their craft. Very similar to the Kitchen Witch, most of them are both Green and Kitchen witches.

To Ground: grounding yourself is basically enters in total consciousness of all things happening around you or even being conscious of the time flowing. It can be done through meditations, getting closer to nature, etc.

(Spirit) Guide: just like the idea of a “guardian angel”, a spirit guide or guide is a light being who works with you personally. Everyone has some. Some stay for your whole life and others come and go. They can be souls of people you knew in the live or others who passed away. They guide you, help you go through hardships and understand lessons and protect you when needed.

Higher Self: the divine part of your soul that remembers everything you lived and has all the answers about your life and past lives, soul contracts and times between lives.

Intention: an intention is the goal you want to reach. Intentions are important during manifestation as this is the result you wish to obtain.

Karma: Universal law that sends back to you good things if you’ve done good and bad things if you’ve done bad. Consider it the Universal Justice.

Karmic: a person who has a soul contract with another. A karmic enters your live to teach you a lesson, often the hard way. Even though it’s rarer, some witches call learning situations “karmics” as well.

Kitchen Magic: type of magic characterized by the use of food, condiments and ingredients to cook and prepare dishes and potions, most of these would be edible. A kitchen witch would know everything about tea magic, herbs, plants, flowers, and so on.

Lenormand: type of divination cards created by Mme Lenormand in France centuries ago. This deck basically gives a name and meaning to playing cards in order to have a secret divination tool during witch hunts times.

Lithotherapy: crystals science, used to heal energies in a place or a person and to bring some properties to the bearer of a crystal.

Magic: see

Manifest: act to do a manifestation (see Manifestation).

Manifestation: also known as the Law of Attraction, Manifestation is the act to attract a certain result to you in your life by focusing and controlling your thoughts. (see also : Intention).

Moon Water: water energized by the moon light and used for various spells or occasions.

Mother Earth: personification of Earth and / or nature, Mother Earth is sometimes considered as a Goddess or Deity for some witches.

Numerology: divination method based on numbers and calculations.

Oracle: type of divination cards that can be about any topic.

Psychic: person who has psychic abilities relating to the human soul or mind; mental (opposed to physical).

Reversing: (spell) act to send any negative energy back to the person who provoked them.

Runes: divination method based on an ancient alphabet which letters are carved into pieces of wood, bones, stones or crystals most of the time.

Scrying: type of divination method in which you need to fix a tool to get messages. The tools can vary: crystal ball, water, ground, fire, mirror, etc. This method mainly require the use of clairvoyance (see Clairs).

Sigils: a symbol you design yourself using letters to protect or manifest something.

Soul Contract: a contract souls pass together before starting a new life in order to assure they’ll teach a lesson to the other or help them with something in the new life they’ll soon start living.

Soul Family: a group of soul sharing the same type like Mermaid Souls, Starseeds, Earth Angels, etc (see these definitions for more information).

Soulmate: a soul that enters one’s life to share a strong bond. Soulmates often know each other from past lives and therefore know each other very well. Some even have the feeling they already know each other for years when they meet.

Starseed: a type of soul who originates from another part of the Universe than Earth (other galaxy, planets, etc).

Tarot: type of divination cards with defined cards names and their meanings. This is the most common and famous type of cards witches use.

Tasseography (also known as Tasseomancy or Tassology (Tasseology): divination method based on the interpretation of patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments.

Twin Flame: the third soul connection with karmics and soulmates, a twin flame is believed to be the other half of one’s soul. A part of yourself. It is the strongest soul connection possible.

Uncrossing: (spell) act to free yourself from other people’s energies blocking you willingly (blockages caused magically against you or your loved ones).

Visualization: act to visualize things in order to meditate, protect, cleanse or manifest something or someone.

Wheel of the Year: a calendar some witches use containing witchy celebrations such as Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Lithia, Lammas, Mabon, Samhain and Yule (from January to December).

Witch: see

Witchcraft: see

That’s all for today! Don’t forget to come back often to learn even more! If you’re curious about some other vocabulary, don’t hesitate to message me here or on Instagram (link in bio). Have a nice week~

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