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name: maggie
birthday: april 15 (aries)
occupation: moon fairy


beauty, fashion, and girl image Image removed makeup, beauty, and eye image Temporarily removed
eye color: grey, hair color: blue


fashion, style, and blue image aesthetic, goth, and grunge image
cute tops and skirts paired with sneakers


quotes, words, and worth image quotes, happiness, and positivity image Temporarily removed quotes, words, and adventure image
traits: enthusiastic, energetic, confident, adventurous, impatient, sarcastic


book, tea, and vintage image flowers, nature, and aesthetic image aesthetic, fish, and flowers image flowers, kitten, and cat image
favorite color: any shade of blue - likes: music, swimming, the ocean, jam toasts, stargazing - dislikes: mess, drama, alcohol, dairy


Image by tenderlygirl Image by tenderlygirl
in the forest


Image removed universo image
avalon, stars fairy
aesthetic, brunette, and pale image forest, green, and nature image
rosemary, forest fairy
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by amina_3asal
levi, water fairy
boy image Image removed
indy, sun fairy