You said to meet me in the garden
So I put on my yellow dress,
that you told to very much like

I step out on the grass,
still damp from the rain,
And run to the garden

That's where you sat,
on the same white stool;
Reading a book
by your favorite author,
While drinking tea
from the cup of porcelain

When you finally notice me
Your eyes light up with joy,
which fills mine with love

You place your book and cup
on the table next to you,
And walk up really close to me

We kiss with such passion,
that the heat takes over
Just like like the subtle taste
of elderflower from your mouth
And it makes us both smile,
way too much to continue


aesthetic, flowers, and garden image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image flowers, lemon, and yellow image flowers, aesthetic, and nature image

Hey <3 Thank you so much for reading! I'm pretty much a starter with poetry and this is one of my first poems that I am actually somewhat proud of. English is not my native language but I hope I can improve my skills through writing. Feedback is always welcome!

~ 𝓐𝓾𝓻𝓪 ~