What are feelings? How do they form? And why? Are they something we can control ? are they something necessary? Can we live without them? Well, guess what?! I have no idea, not that I have no answers but I'm no expert that's all. So what I'm about to say can be true and can be false depending on your perspective.

Sadness, happiness, tension, are all feelings but how do we know they are. It's not just feeling some type of way but also what comes along these feelings. Like having the urge to cry, believing that the whole world is going against you, being energy drained, that’s how you know you're sad. While on the other hand, not being able to stop smiling, seeing the good in things or having that tingling sensation in your heart, these all show that your happy. Plus, it's all about what you want to do with these feelings like bottling them or being open about them, or even not acknowledging them like they're not there.

Furthermore, they're uncontrollable or so I believe, you can only learn how to react once you feel them but you can't get in control of them. And yes, they're very necessary, unless you're fed up with everything and everyone but that’s still not even an excuse to not wanting to feel stuff. But feelings are what makes you, you! Because I'm not going to have the same feelings as yours or the same actions that follow. So learn to acknowledge these feelings, because you can't control them, but trust me babe they can control YOU.