Cute article inspired by :

My name

bucket, flower, and lux image gray, lucky, and grey image

My stars

aquarius, art, and astrology image aesthetic, aqua, and beach image aquarius, crystal, and healing image aesthetic, aquarius, and astrology image
Aquarius ~ independent, visionary, freed

My appearance

girl, hair, and hairstyle image aesthetic, alternative, and blue image beautiful, fashion, and girls image phoebe tonkin, model, and summer image
dark long hair, blue eyes, tanned, natural look

My style

fashion, outfit, and style image vans, jeans, and socks image chanel, aesthetic, and red image fashion, black, and outfit image
vintage & casual

My hobbies

book, candle, and autumn image OMG, sky, and aesthetic image football, sky, and sport image beach, boy, and boys image
reading, travelling, tennis, photography

My hogwarts house

slytherin, harry potter, and hogwarts image green, slytherin, and door image slytherin, snake, and book image draco malfoy and comaw image
i think slytherin

My fav place

hotel, italy, and luxury image coast, italy, and Amalfi image
Sorrento, Italy

My fav color

Image by Tahire62 aesthetics, nostalgia, and sexy image

My fav artist

Image removed the weeknd image red, singer, and wallpaper image aesthetic, alternative, and background image
the weeknd

Thanks for reading xx