name: elizabeth "elly" herondale
birthday: december 20th 1888
age: 15 (as of 1903)
species: shadowhunter (part-demon)


fashion, hair, and minimal image minimalist image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image eye, eyes, and gold image freckles, aesthetic, and tumblr image back, beige, and dark image
she has long brown hair (most of the time tied with some clips, while for combat she prefers a simple braid), golden eyes (like those of her brother) and some freckles on her nose and cheeks.



dress and fashion image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, girl, and theme image beautiful, royal, and dress image dress, vintage, and white image vintage, blue, and hair image


black, gloves, and aesthetic image fashion, girl, and military image black, fashion, and runway image black, gothic, and shoes image


Image by Grace dagger and knife image Image by ☁ Image by kathryn albert
her signature weapon is the kindjal, a double-edged circassian dagger. she is also very good at fighting with seraph blades and throwing knives, like her father taught her.


book, library, and reading image instrument, music, and photography image Inspiring Image on We Heart It book, library, and vintage image tea, coffee, and vintage image antique, vintage, and aesthetic image
her favorite place in the london institute is the library, she spends most of her free time there reading a lot of books. when she was a little girl she found her uncle jem's violin and decided to learn how to play it and it became one of her favorite thing to do when she was alone. she also loves to spend time with her cousin christopher in his "lab" and helps him with his experiments.


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she is the daughter of tessa and will heronale
lit, man, and victorian image pretty, writer, and shadow hunters image author, writing, and book image pretty, writer, and shadow hunters image
and the youngest sister of james and lucie


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she always hangs out with the merry thieves (her brother james, his parabatai matthew and her cousins christopher and thomas), her sister lucie, cordelia carstairs and sometimes her cousin anna, they all know each other since they were little kids and they sort of grew up together due to their parents close friendship.


boy, girl, and sad image aesthetic, beauty, and bodies image boy, aesthetic, and fashion image fashionable, matthew fairchild, and handsome image amour, couples, and hands image aesthetic and blue image
she always had feelings for matthew but decided not to tell him because she was scared he didn't feel the same way and that it could ruin their friendship. one night they were dancing together at a party and he surprisingly kissed her, they later talked about it and discovered they were both in love with each other but didn't think the feeling was mutual. they are together since that evening.