Not your pretty eyes,
full lips,
soft fingertips
or their electric touch,
Not even your silky hair
that smelled like vanilla
was enough to melt the ice
covering my heart

To win me over
you needed something more
something more than charm
and natural beauty

What you needed
was a short winter
after every warm day
What you needed
were those sharp nails
you were hiding under gloves

You needed to make me bleed
to make me fall for you

And it's not your fault I chased you
into the depths of that dark forest
where the night never ends
But you should know
I only ran away
because I couldn't cover up
all my mirrors

My love for you felt so strong
but it was all an illusion
only a girl with scars on her back
will always look for
thorns in her roses
only a girl who can't stand her reflection
will like the taste of blood lust
on her favorite lips

Since I gathered up
the pieces of my shattered soul
and built them into something whole
I haven't been the same
I was before

I feel joy again,
I'm filled with light
No longer a prisoner
of my own shattered sight