graphic tee, jeans, and leather jacket image fashion, style, and aesthetic image girl, makeup, and phone case image accessories, aesthetic, and alternative image
New York (America) outfit ・゚:*✧ long line leather jacket, white colourful vintage graphic tee, mid wash denim shorts, long socks, Nike P-6000 sneakers, gold chunky earring, thin gold chains
fashion, girl, and outfit image style image Temporarily removed bag, designer, and fashion image
Paris (France) outfit ・゚:*✧ oversized houndstooth sweater vest with white t-shirt underneath, black straight leg dress pants, clear heels, black prada shoulder bag, simple gold chain coin pendant necklace
fashion, girl, and body image beautiful, beauty, and blue image asia, bali, and indonesia image fashion, chanel, and style image
Bali (Indonesia) outfit ・゚:*✧ blue spaghetti strapped tie dye singlet, white mini skirt, gold blue gemmed rings, thick strapped beige sandals, pearl shell anklet
outfit, fashion, and style image bag and fashion image aesthetic, art, and clothes image city image
Berlin (Germany) outfit ・゚:*✧ earth toned floral patterned scarf top, white straight leg jeans, brown fendi shoulder bag with gold hardware, nude slip on heels
fashion, outfit, and style image 2020, fashion, and new balance image Temporarily removed sea, water, and nature image
Sydney (Australia) outfit ・゚:*✧ white base and pink n yellow graphic tee, white mom jeans,matching head scarf, tan long strapped shoulder bag, white n old detailed new balance sneakers, gold rings, pink n lilac nails
fashion and style image fashion, jeans, and outfit image flowers and house image drink, gucci, and brand image
London (England) outfit ・゚:*✧ long leather trench tied closed at the waist, blue mid wash boot leg jeans with ankle splits, black slouchy shoulder bag, thick framed gucci sunglasses
fashion, girl, and style image Temporarily removed nike, shoes, and sneakers image Greece, travel, and theme image
Athens (Greece) outfit ・゚:*✧ White high neck fitted vest, mint green fitted skirt with side split, thick white headband, white chunky dad sneakers, crystalised pearl earrings
blue, aesthetic, and theme image Image by ✰ tt: @lovelychaos fashion, parisian, and parisian style image aesthetic, summer, and alternative image
LA (America) outfit ・゚:*✧ baby blue bucket hat, yellow and green tie dye scarf top, light wash distressed denim shorts, white and blue detailed chunky dad sneakers, yellow shoulder bag
Temporarily removed aesthetic, beauty, and fashion image fashion, hairstyle, and yellow image summer, indie, and goals image
Sorrento (Italy) outfit ・゚:*✧ pink, green and yellow dainty floral cupped dress, pearl necklace, butterfly statement earrings, yellow floral design claw clip
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Tokyo (Japan) outfit ・゚:*✧ white cotton vest, wide leg black leather pants, chunky white and grey dad sneakers, black mini shoulder bag, black shades, gold chain, gold diamante rings and custom nike flex ring