You probably already guessed by the title what I'm going to be writing about today and yes, I am going to be revealing some of my insecurities, from the way I look to my personality. (I would share every single one of them with you but the thing is, this article would probably never end if I did, so I picked the most significant ones) I just wanted to say that this is actually really hard for me to do because I've honestly never spoken about my insecurities before and also this is kinda going out of my comfort zone since I'm gonna be sharing them with you guys too

side note: don't worry because I'm also guilty of looking at other people around me and wanting to be more like them

So without further ado, let's get straight into it...

1. small eyes
This is a weird one because it's probably media's perception of small eyes that has convinced me that having small eyes is not as pretty as opposed to large eyes. By now you would've think I'm done with society , but I still get insecure about them sometimes.

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2. wearing glasses
I don't know if anyone knows this about me in real life but I'm actually really insecure about wearing glasses. I guess I just don't like wearing glasses in general and I'm not sure they even suit me. When I was a child, I always thought glasses were ugly because tell me why does no Disney Princess wear glasses?

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3. skin
Okay, I don't really have trouble with acne anymore and I just get the occasional spot sometimes but I don't know, I feel like it could be better and more smooth but that's probably just down to me not being grateful enough. I don't have perfect or flawless skin so-

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4. sunspots
There's been days where I've forgotten to put sunscreen on my face on sunny days or just in general and because of that I ended up getting a few sunspots on my skin which is not very fun to deal with.

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5. the birthmark on my foot
I have a really big birthmark on my left foot and I used to be so embarrassed when we had to take our shoes and socks off during PE when I was younger. I even remember trying to cover it up with foundation which is actually really funny now that I come to think of it๐Ÿ˜‚. I'm still insecure about it now and I always have this irrational fear that people will laugh at me if they see it.

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6. skin tone
I'm gonna start off by saying I wish my skin tone was darker and a lot more tan. I know my skin is quite pale and I just hate seeing my pale skin, especially when I'm outside because it looks even paler then.

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7. not being good enough
This is an extremely big one for me and I know it's not really specific but I'm a perfectionist at heart and I always wanna be the best at something. I don't know if this is just me but seeing other people around me, makes me feel like I'm so much less worthy and deserve less than them. I think comparing yourself makes everything so much worse especially since I'm that queen of comparing herself to other people.
Also, aside from that, read this because it pretty much sums up how I feel:

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8. not having the latest technology or keeping up with the trends
Funnily enough, I either feel extremely poor or just not a cool person in general when I'm around my classmates because I don't have an iPhone, I barely even own any trendy items, my family doesn't have a Netflix subscription, I rarely ever go on holidays and the list goes on...

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9. my heritage
Sometimes I just wanna hide and run away from my heritage because I have a Chinese heritage but I'm from the UK. It's not easy being born in a country outside your heritage and I'm sure many people from all different kinds of backgrounds can relate. I sometimes feel out of place and I can find it tough to deal with my fair share of racist comments at times. But if I was only sharing this with you, I wouldn't be telling you the entire truth because the real truth is I've always been ashamed of my heritage. Whenever I walk outside, in my mind, I always feel like people are judging me for being Chinese, looking down on me, thinking I eat dogs and cats or whatever.

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10. being too sensitive
There I admit it, I get hurt easily. If you told me I was a cruel and ugly person, chances are I'll believe you. I feel like sometimes I cry so easily and so much as well and then that just makes me feel like such a weak person who can't even control their emotions.

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11. curves
So basically I feel like my boobs are really underdeveloped for my age, but at the same time I feel like so many girls want big boobs though. I know when I see other girls around me fully developed, especially girls younger than me, it makes me feel so self-conscious about my body. Funny, how society can always make you feel as if you're never good enough *sigh*

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12. my nervousness
The thing is I am always nervous. Like constantly. It's like every new and different situation I get into, I just don't know what to do anymore. I forget how to act around other people and I can't even carry a normal conversation. And then afterwards, I start overthinking every single conversation and blame myself for not acting natural. It's just a constant vicious cycle :/

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13. how I look in general
I don't know if any of you guys have this now or have had this before, but my insecurity about the way I look is on a completely different level. And when I say 'completely different level' I MEAN IT. Whenever I look in the mirror, I cringe real hard. Sometimes, I do all I can to avoid looking at myself in the mirror. If I see my reflection somewhere, I immediately start feeling self-conscious and think other people will start judging me. And please don't even mention the word selfie, because that's a total no go. I absolutely despise having my picture taken, since it's like capturing all of my insecurities in one shot. I honestly never thought I'd be that insecure. The thing that's so funny is that I have days where I think I'm the most beautiful person in the world. I'm not as insecure as I used to be but I guess I'm still a work in progress :)

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Sorry this was so long, I'm guessing you probably didn't read all of it but that doesn't really matter because what I'm really trying to say to you guys is that you're definitely not alone in your insecurities and hopefully this will inspire you to write about your own insecurities as well. Honestly, if you can relate to at least one of these things on here, then please tell me by sending me a postcard or hearting this article because it would be so amazing to have some of you guys relate to me in a way so yeah:)

I love you so much and thank you for reading thisโ™ก
~Amy, from my heart

๐™ฎ๐™ค๐™ช ๐™˜๐™–๐™ฃ ๐™›๐™ค๐™ก๐™ก๐™ค๐™ฌ ๐™ข๐™š ๐™๐™š๐™ง๐™š :)

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