1. Home workout

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In today's world, it isn't that difficult to find the best workouts in various media sites. Choose a workout that makes you feel good not those which make you dread the entire regime you've committed yourself to. personally, for me, it's 50% pilates 30% cardio and 20% low impact workouts. Make sure to have a good stretch for 20-30 min after any workout.

2. Clean your house

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If you are not the type to start working out just yet, you could clean your house. I usually start by making my bed. You could also do some dusting or sweeping/mopping. I highly recommend this because you would be moving your body a lot and that is way better than just sitting.

3. Eat

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You have to know what is good for your body, what your body needs. It is not healthy to overeat but neither it is to skip your meals. A human body requires proper nutrition, an adequate amount of fruits, veggies, nuts, and grains. try to include each of these in your daily meal plan to have proper nourishment.

4. Drink water regularly

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There are days when I am so busy that I survive only with a glass of water. It gets worse during summers as the highest temperature touches 45°C in my country. Now, I have my own bottle (1L) and I make sure to take a sip at regular intervals.

5. Walking

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It ain't easy to walk out of our homes but there may be parks or sidelines to walk that aren't too far from home. I prefer going for a walk in the early morning as the weather is more breezy and fresh. Hence, if you have some free time in the morning try exploring your surrounding.