Hi again! I'm Alexis but you can call me Lexi. These are some things you can ask a girl over text. I know were complicated so I'll help out here.

Question 1
What are you up to this weekend

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This is a pretty good conversation starter. It also has her really think what she will do over the weekend. This will also show you are interested in her or maybe what she does.

Question 2
Do you like tacos, great music, and company

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All girls love food. Most of us turn to music when life gets rough. And we always down to cuddle. Even when were pissed.

Question 3
What kind of trouble are you getting into today

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I dont know why but this question makes me feel the need to get into trouble. We may not be thinking about it but when you ask then we are. It's also fun to ask guys what trouble they want into. Kinda scandalous, no?

Question 4
If you could travel the world where would you go

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I feel like every girls dream would be to see Paris. And I guess we would want some one to come with us there so good thing you asked buddy.

Question 5
When was the last time you go into trouble

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This may not be all of us but we girls tend to get in trouble a lot. Especially as teens. Sometimes theres nothing better to do and I guess we like to show off how bad we are so thx for asking

Question 6
Whats the most perfect dipping sauce

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Like I said we love food. But this is also a way to find common interests that you and her have.

Question 7
If a genie came and granted you one wish what would you wish for

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Just in case be prepared for a scandalous answer. This gives us a chance to tell you what we really want in life.

Question 8
If you could be any animal which would you chose and why

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This is a pretty specific question. It'll take a while to answer if were writing why so you could probably get something done in the mean time. But come back as soon as you get the text.

Question 9
What sport would you never want to play

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Most guys love playing sports so I guess its kind of interesting to see if you like the same sports.

Question 10
If you could have one super power what would it be and why

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I guess we dont even know the answer. This is also cool because our answer could tie into a marvel or dc movie you like.

Those are some things you could ask a girl over text. This is basically a way to find common interests. I'll put a part 2 out later or tomorrow. Ty for reading my article and possibly following me?...
-Queen Lexi