I've made an introduction yesterday and I realized I accually liked writing a article. I never thought I would like it so I just thought it would be a good idea to introduce the owner on this account. So since you guys like my easthetics I am going to create a easthetic article. Enjoy!

My appereance

eyes, blue, and eyebrows image girl and love image girl, hair, and nature image hair and red hair image
My natural hair is wavy, darkblond long hair. I have bleu eyes, but sometimes when I wear other collors it changes collor if you look closly. Sometimes they turn grey or even green. I died my hair light red because I always wanted to have that collor and I think its beautifull. And because I was a big fan and still am of the Mortal instruments and wanted to have the same haircollor like Clary Fray and Sansa Stark from Game of thrones.

My style

fashion, outfit, and girl image blue, fashion, and navy image plaid, flannel, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image comfortable, girls, and green image
My style changes every year, but in general I dont really care how I look in clothes. What I think is importent are clothes I feel comfortable with. Right now I do have a kinda 80's style with the long pants and short t-shirts. I also love, love sweaters and hoodies. I have to much of those in my closet...

My favourite collor

green and jungle image aesthetic, flowers, and green image collor, kleur, and pauw image beach, summer, and ocean image
My favourite collor of all times is green! But greens like the nature and forests or the light mint green. My room is green after all. And I love the collor torqoise. My favourite collor as a child was yellow because it is a happy collor. But now I like greens.

My favourite animal

wolf, adorable, and animal image Image removed Image removed Image by Finch

I have a big heart for these creatures and am obsessed with them. I think they are verry beautifull, mystirious, magical and most underestimated animals on earth. If you learn more deeper about them how they live with the pack you will change your oppinion on them. They are verry shy creatures like foxes and its verry rare if you will ever see a wolf in the wild. They can smell you milles away and are gone before you know it. Most people compair them like the stories of red riding hood or werewolves and that sort. But not al stories are treu, its just a fantasy.
Even though I don't have much with dogs (don't ask me I don't know why), I do love wolves. I think even though there family they do have alot of difference in character.

Favourite food! I LOVE FOOD!!!!

food, grunge, and salmon image delicious and food image food image
I love all food in general But there are 3 favourits.

Favourite movies

Temporarily removed treasure planet image
Most underated disney movie ever.... I LOVE TREASURE PLANET! I rewatched it again last december with my sister and it's one of my favourite disney! I love that this has NOTHING to do with love, but with following your dreams and I can relate to Jim Hawkins!
avatar, blue, and movie image adventure, aesthetic, and avatar image
It's a long movie but I still love this amazing art of avatar!
feminism, gif, and kate winslet image
I love this one! Very funny movie.
me before you, movie, and emilia clarke image Image removed
Me before you and last christmas. I love all the movies of Emilia Clarke and I need to add one more movie!
movie, shadowhunters, and gif image
What a shocker... ofcourse TMI!
anime, ghibli, and princess mononoke image anime, Hayao Miyazaki, and japan image
One of my first anime movies I watched.
anime, ghibli, and spirited away image anime and spirited away image art, Kaonashi, and spirited away image

This movie is beautiful and I feel ashamed I never watched anime as a kid. Well ofcourse pokimon and avatar. But never other anime movies. Since I planned to watch more anime movies after this one! I love anime.

Image by ★ Kelly ★ koe no katachi and a silent voice image
This movie is so beautifull. I bearly cry in movies, but this one touched my feelings!!! Really reccomend it to anyone!

Favourite series

fire, gif, and game of thrones image
Game of thrones
costume, fantasy, and gif image
The witcher
Temporarily removed
The big bang theory and Friends

My hobbies

art, drawing, and photography image music image beautiful, guitar, and vintage image Image removed

That's it for now. I guess it's a bit too long.....oh well. Hope you enjoyed it anyways.