Hi again! I'm Alexis but you can call me Lexi. These are some words you should or could use more often.

1. Luxurious
adjective. Lush; Pleasure-loving

hair, hairstyle, and style image
Did you see that girls long, beautiful, luxurious hair?

2. Embrace
adjective. Cuddle; take in

sunset, couple, and beach image
The beach was so embracing the other day. Did you embrace it?

3. endearing
adjective. Lovable; charming

makeup, pink, and eye image
Her eyes were so endearing, I wish I had eyes just like that.

4. Winsome
adjective. appealing; pretty

girl, hair, and beauty image
She was pretty, fascinating, curious. That's what made her winsome.

5. Majesty
adjective. Dignity; power

crown, beauty, and princess image
Her majesty was one of a kind.

And that's 5 words we should use more often. Thanks for reading my article and possibly following me?
-Queen Lexi